Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eight Decades of the Girl Scout Promise and Law

Head on over to The Dearborn Press and Guide today for a fantastic article on Bea Elliot, an active 92-year-old who still has Girl Scouting in her heart. Elliot has been a Girl Scout since she was 9 years old and, in August, Elliot will be 93 years old. For more than eight decades she’s lived her life according to the Girl Scout Promise and Law and of the beginning states,
“It was either the fall of 1926 or the spring of 1927 when Dayton, Ohio started their first Girl Scout troop. My mother signed me up and I became a Brownie. I’m still a Girl Scout. I’m a lifetime member. I’ve done scouting in five different
Elliot later found out that the troop she belonged to in the late 1920s was the first Girl Scout Troop in Dayton, Ohio.