Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gold Award Project Launches a Career

Head on over to The Utica Observer Dispatch today for a fantastic story highlighting the power of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

As a teenager, Jennifer Clark of Verona, NY, worked at Peterson’s Pets in Rome, where she saw people purchase pets without understanding how to care for them. A short period later, the owners would return the animals - saying that they no longer wanted them or were unable to care for them. Clark took it to heart, saying:
“It was really heartbreaking to me that people would go out and buy these
animals on a whim”
Eventually, when Clark chose her Gold Award project, she thought providing some pet-owner education would break the cycle. She also taught children how to choose animals that would best fit in with their lifestyle and brought information about rabies. Twenty-Five years later, Clark’s project is a budding business. Make sure you read the
article and then check out Jennifer's business - Out of the Cage Pet Mobile - which currently has a Bearded Dragon (pictured) named Fluffy!