Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Gold Award!

Out of Foley, MO - a town flooded by the swelling banks of the Mississippi River in 2008 - comes a great example of a Gold Award Project aimed at turning a public place into a green space.

"Surrounded by brightly colored flowers in the Hickman Y. Fisher Memorial
Park, Louise Johnston explains how she and other volunteers transformed it.
Louise decided to turn the park into a "green park" for her Girl Scout Gold
Award Project...
The money funding the project was raised through the
collection of recyclables. "When I was a Brownie, I liked the idea of
recycling," she elaborated, "so I started to collect cans." Louise has been
doing this for the last 12 years, after learning about environmental topics and
earning a recycling badge in Brownies."

Definitely read the entire article for ideas on how you can incorporate green ideals in your communities and share with us any similar stories you may have!