Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Stover Celebrity Golf Tourney!

Jeff Stover - one of only seven San Francisco 49ers defensive linemen to register ten or more sacks, more than once, during their tenure with the team - is also a Girl Scout Advocate!

The Stover Celebrity Golf Tourney brought some of his most gritty former San Francisco 49er teammates and a host of other battle-tested tough guys from throughout the sports world to the Rolling Hills Resort in Northern California.

Read about the full event in the Enterprise Record.

Other players on the celebrity guest list included former Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants pitcher Vida Blue, former 49ers linebacker Dan Bunz, former Kings guard Franklin Edwards, former Oakland Raiders fullback Marv Hubbard, former Raiders and 49ers running back Rick Jennings, former 49ers tight end Ted Popson, former Raiders defensive tackle Art Thoms, former Detroit Lions defensive tackle and USC All-American Charlie Weaver, former 49ers and Raiders defensive end Cedric Hardman, and former 49ers draftee and Chico State sports great George Maderos.

Last year's event pulled in $39,000 for the Girl Scouts. Are there any outstanding Girl Scout supporting athletes in your community? Let us know!