Friday, July 31, 2009

Alli Owens - Race Car Star & Girl Scout Enthusiast

In the mid-1960s, the women’s liberation movement was just beginning and women were participating. Shirley Muldowney became one of their rallying points, because she was doing more than talking about women’s issues - she was actively participating and succeeding in an activity in which men swore she’d be a failure -- behind the wheel of a race car. Long before Danica Patrick, she was the first woman licensed by NHRA to drive a gasoline-burning dragster, capable of speeds over 150 MPH in the quarter mile. In the Nineties, I was personally introduced to, and inspired by Muldowney via legendary Riot-Grrrl band L7s song “Shirley”.

Now fast forward to present times and take a look at one of the rising stars of race car driving, Alli Owens. At twenty years old, Owens is signed with D'Hondt Motorsports and drives the #19 Toyota under the banner. A 2010 Nationwide Series hopeful, Owens got her start in the BMX Bicycle circuit, moved to a dirt track at Volusia Speedway Park in 2003, competes currently in the renowned ARCA RE/MAX Series and has her sights set on being a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. Her sponsorships range from the National Electrical Contractor's Association to Nutrisystem. Owens also happens to be a Girl Scouts enthusiast, inviting girls to attend racing events and participating in the National Girls and Women In Sports Day. Read more about Alli Owens here!