Monday, March 13, 2023

Buying Cookies = Investing in Girls

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving your local Girl Scout Cookie booth (or grabbing the package off your doorstep) with all your favorite Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are so much more than tasty snacks; the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps Girl Scouts learn new skills AND embark on new adventures—and that’s priceless. From funding incredible projects in their communities to changing the world and creating amazing memories that last a lifetime, each box puts Girl Scouts closer to reaching their goal.

Knowing that every purchase is an investment in the next generation of Girl Scout leaders, entrepreneurs, and world-changers makes that first bite even more worth it! Don’t take our word for it. Check out the amazing world Girl Scouts do in your community thanks to your sweet investment!

Human Society Take Action Project

After earning their Agent of Change Journey, Troop 8210 completed a Take Action project, working with a local humane society. Using proceeds from their cookie sale, they were able to budget, purchase, and gift items on the humane society’s wish list.

Animal Sanctuary Tic Tac Toe

That’s three in a row! Troop 7770 used their cookie money to make blankets for guinea pigs to and also built a tic-tac-toe board at a local animal sanctuary.

Baby Changing Station

With the help of cookie money and other fundraising efforts, Troop 170 was able to partner with their local parks to build changing and nursing stations. Way to make a difference for local parents and caregivers! Check out the amazing video here!

Cookie Delivery Bot

This service unit is evolving with technology. Girl Scouts in Service Unit 134 were able to create a robot that has helped with activities like their summer camp showcase and even assist in delivering cookies to customers. When you buy cookies, girls get to do this!

Pauley the Sloth

Troop 60216 was able to donate to the Wildlife Learning Center, a center that provides life-long care to more than 100 displaced, rescued, and zoo-born wild animals. Using the cookie money they earned, the troop was able to sponsor Pauley the Sloth, which helped buy food and other supplies needed to take care of her.

Daisy Hiking Trip

Cookies aren’t just fuel for the appetite—they also fuel adventure! Troop 64 was able to have a fun day in the sun with their cookie money. The hike allowed the troop fresh air, fun, and memories with friends to last a lifetime.

You, too, can play a part in the amazing things Girl Scouts do with their cookie money when you purchase a box (or several) from local Girl Scout troops near you. Head to the Girl Scout Cookie Finder for details on sales in your area, and be on the lookout for online sales starting between February and early March.