Monday, December 9, 2019

5 Fun and Simple Ways Spark Her Interest in Coding

Quiz Time!

1. Does your girl like learning new languages? ✅YES ⛔NO
2. Does she love thinking about new, creative ideas? ✅YES ⛔NO
3. Does she want to improve the world around her? ✅YES ⛔NO
4. Does your Girl Scout like computer games and different apps? ✅YES ⛔NO

If the answer to at least one of these questions is “YES”, she’s going to enjoy learning about coding and learning one of the new Coding for Good badges!

Sparking your girl’s curiosity in coding is simpler than you think. Download this awesome Girl Scout-approved guide that includes five simple and fun ways to spark your girl’s interest in coding. The guide includes games you can play together and so much more! Don’t forget, STEM education works best when the focus is on fun and exploration, not on perfection.

Made possible through our partnership with Dell Technologies.

About Our Partnership with Dell:

Through our shared mission of preparing the next generation of female leaders in technology, Dell Technologies and GSUSA are giving girls the tools and experiences they need to empower themselves for careers in STEM.

The Coding for Good badges, developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies, teach girls the basics of coding and detail how every stage of the coding process offers girls opportunities to use their skills for good. Girls learn about algorithms through age-appropriate, creative activities, such as coding positive memes to spread a message about a cause they care about, designing a digital game to educate people about an issue, and developing an app to promote healthy habits. Every Coding for Good badge has a plugged and an unplugged version, so that all girls can learn the foundations of coding, regardless their access to technology.