Friday, September 20, 2019

We Spy! The Girl Scout Roller-Coaster Design Challenge Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Girl Scouts totally rocked the Build a Roller-Coaster Adventure and earned almost 1,000 Mechanical Engineering badges in over 70 LEGO stores from Queens, New York, to Los Angeles, California. Talk about future STEM-inistas who design, build, and test new products!

We all agree that play is an essential part of every girl’s development, especially when it involves earning new badges 😉. Beyond enhancing your girl’s brain development, play allows her to stretch her imagination and discover new interests and talents. At Girl Scouts, we’re all about letting your girl play and learn by exposing her to new, exciting experiences. Creative leadership starts at Girl Scouts!
Learning STEM and playing? Yesss, please!

Why was the Girl Scout Roller-Coaster Design Challenge unique, you may ask? Because Girl Scout Daisies shared their love of LEGO and discovered the magic of what it’s like to be an engineer who solves real-life problems! They learned about engineering concepts, such as kinetic and potential energy and the forces of flight. These future STEM leaders also brainstormed ideas to make a safe roller-coaster car, used LEGO bricks to construct a roller-coaster car prototype, and tested and adjusted their models! But let’s be honest—all that “work” felt more like play!

“Viola loves doing engineering activities. Building a LEGO roller-coaster seemed very exciting for her. She also really wanted to earn the Mechanical Engineering badge! I love that with Girl Scouts, we have so many opportunities to do cool things around the city and make new friends. It’s awesome!”

—Girl Scout mom Alison
3, 2, 1 GO! Testing our roller-coasters. 
“My daughter loves LEGO, so when she heard there’s going to be an event for Girl Scouts and LEGO, she had to be there! She’s an only child, so we like to do things with other Daisies and other girls—they’re like her sisters. She had an amazing time!”

—Girl Scout mom Jeanine

“I earned a badge and build a roller-coaster! It was so much fun! I also got a gift bag from LEGO!” 

—Girl Scout Emma

“Today girls were playing together and learning together! They were not in a typical classroom environment. They were socializing and interacting with one another—building roller-coasters, testing them, and learning some key principles of engineering. This kind of play encourages imagination and exploration. It also helps them build collaborative play, conflict resolution, and social skills."

—Abby, Senior Manager, STEM Programs at Girl Scouts

Mechanical Engineering badge, here I come! 
With Girl Scouts, your girl will have the opportunity to participate in many amazing events, like the Girl Scout Roller-Coaster Design Challenge. Girl Scouts unleashes the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ in every girl, preparing her for a lifetime of leadership. As she learns through play by building roller-coaster prototypes and earning badges, she’s embracing challenges and learning from them to solve problems in creative ways!

Want your girl to have similar experiences? Join Girl Scouts! There are troops forming in your area NOW!

About Our Partnership with LEGO:

The LEGO Group and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) are collaborating to develop the female STEM leaders of tomorrow through creative play and learning. Together, LEGO and GSUSA will support Girl Scout Daisies and their friends across the United States, particularly in underserved communities. LEGO’s knowledge of learning through play and GSUSA’s expert programming combine to fuel kindergarten and first-grade girls’ excitement about STEM subjects—such as the concepts of engineering, motion, and gravity—at this crucial time in their development.