Friday, September 13, 2019

8 Ways for Troop Leaders to Have a Successful Year in Girl Scouts

Getting back to school also means that girls and volunteers are getting back to their troop. Whether you have been a Girl Scout leader for years, have been with one troop for a little while, or are just starting, it can be tough to know where to begin. We asked Girl Scout troop leaders, parents, and volunteers what their best tips are for launching the new troop year, and their answers did not disappoint!

Use your support system. Connect with the service unit in your area so you know when its meetings will be. You can also talk to other Girl Scout leaders, get information about what’s happening locally, and build your support network. Your local Girl Scout council is a great resource! Not sure how to contact them? Just enter your zip code into the Council Finder. And we have a new Facebook Group, Girl Scouts in Action, that parents and troop leaders around the country can share their experiences on. 

Keep it girl-led. The best way for girls to learn leadership is through girl-led experiences. There’s fine line between girl-led success and girl-led chaos, but taking a step back to let your girls take the lead is where magic happens. 

Get parents involved. Setting clear expectations and creating a troop committee is key for a successful year. If you have a larger troop, these four essentials for managing a large troop are a must.  Nervous about having your first parent meeting? Girl Scout leaders shared their top tips for running a successful parent meeting

Introduce girls to how they can influence their community. When girls are passionate about something, they can do incredible things to make positive changes in their community through community service and Take Action projects. There are also many things you can do to build community partnerships with your troop

Get organized. Some Girl Scout troop leaders find it extremely helpful to have all the information a parent may need in a folder, such as the troop meeting schedule, necessary forms, and troop guidelines. Better yet, get ahead of troop communication issues

Go outdoors. A change of scenery can be just what girls need to learn through hands-on activities. If you’re looking for ideas to get outside, check out these tips for getting your Girl Scout troop outdoors this fall. Don’t forget to leave no trace

Remind your Girl Scouts that it’s OK to fail. Girl Scouts allows girls to try new things, and sometimes they don’t always go as planned. But those happy accidents can turn into the fondest memories. Learning alongside your girls can be a great way to show them that making mistakes is part of the process. Check out our tips for boosting your confidence in program areas that you might be intimidated by and how you can find local experts for Girl Scout activities

Have fun! If it’s not fun for you, it may not be fun for the girls either. 

Looking for more tips for Girl Scout troop leaders? We’ve got your back.