Monday, June 24, 2019

Who Are the 24 Nationwide 2019 Cookie Pro Contest Winners?

As we gear up to send the twenty-four lucky, nationwide winners off to sunny California for incredible VIP adventures, we want to give a big, heartfelt shout-out to every cookie entrepreneur around the country who entered the contest: thank you for showing the world all of the amazing things you do, learn, and accomplish through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program for girls in the world! Your determination, excitement and passion are admirable—keep on mastering your cookie business, money management, and people skills. You’re changing the world one cookie package at a time!

We can’t contain the excitement about the grand-prize winners for this year’s contest! These twenty-four winners were selected from Girl Scouts of all grade levels across the country through a robust, four-round evaluation process involving online and offline components. Each contest entry was evaluated based on girls’ entrepreneurial spirit and cookie program experience. To learn more about how the winners were selected, check out the official contest rules.

The 2019 Cookie Pro contest winners will have a unique opportunity to:
  • Travel to sunny Southern California for an all-expenses-paid Cookie Entrepreneur Experience with their parent/guardian
  • Go on incredible VIP adventures at Warner Bros. Studios designed exclusively for Girl Scouts
  • Take part in super-cool activities and go behind the scenes at the studio where the DC Super Hero Girls™ is created
  • Get an in-depth look at the teamwork that went into making the biggest movies and TV shows in the world
  • Enjoy a night of your own West Coast adventures
  • Attend a special Cookie Pro recognition event with opportunities to meet successful entrepreneurs
  • And so much more!
Ready to learn a little something special about each one of these inspiring, go-getting, goal crushing winners? Here we go!


Aaliyah, Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My voice. I use my voice to shout for people to get cookies.”

Courtney, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
Her cookie-selling superpower: "Making the world a better place."

Norah, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
Her cookie-selling superpower: “A cheerful attitude and knowledge about the cookies.”

Phillipa, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
Her cookie-selling superpower: “Selling with a smile.”

Alexandra, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I like to turn a customer ‘no’ into a ‘yes.’ I politely say, ‘Thanks anyway!’ if they say no or ‘Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts’ if they say they already bought from another girl. If they slow down when walking by our booth, I ask if they'd like to see a cookie menu—because at a restaurant people always order once they see a menu! It works great and a lot of times they say, ‘Well, maybe just one box.’ "

Anissa, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I have a winning smile and great personality that is hard to say ‘no’ to. At least that's what my customers say!”

Dahlia, Girl Scouts of Nassau County
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I love to make up fun cookie songs to get customers’ attention.”

Olivia, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I am very good at socializing with the customers. I like to be funny and make people laugh.”


Alyssa, Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama
Her cookie-selling superpower: “At the beginning of my story I think that my wheelchair was my superpower, but when I had to have an unexpected surgery and was put in a body cast for the cookie season, I learned that determination and my smile were my real superpowers!”

Cheran, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My ability to sing, dance, and chant routines for our customers to enjoy while they purchase cookies or come over to watch and then want to buy cookies.”

Josephina, Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New JerseyHer cookie-selling superpower: “My confident personality. I make eye contact with my customers, speak loudly and clearly, make awesome videos to share with friends and family, and keep track of my goal so that I continue to work hard to reach it!”

Kiana, Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My ability to connect with my customers by being polite, sensing what cookies they like and talking to them about those cookies, and saying ‘thank you’ whether I get the sale or not. Many times, just being polite and friendly gets a sale from someone who had no intention of buying cookies!”


Isabella, Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey
Her cookie-selling superpower: “Dedication. I am usually the first one at our cookie booths and the last one to leave. I try to help as much as I can so that our troop reaches its goal. Even though it is hard work, I also try to make it fun and love spending time with the other girls.”

Lacey, Girl Scouts of Western Washington 
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My smile. When I speak, I try to smile. I want my customers to feel like I am being friendly and inviting and that they are not being attacked to buy cookies by me yelling to them across a parking lot.”

Mia, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I’m very good at approaching new and existing customers and telling them about cookie flavors and personal favorite cookies. I’m also very good at advertising sales on poster boards and for our troop, and I like to emphasize that customers can get five boxes for twenty dollars instead of just one box for four dollars. This helps me sell more.”

Victoria, Girl Scouts of Northern California
Her cookie-selling superpower: “Creativity! During my cookie sale, I use my superpower to create fun and unique videos for my Digital Cookie website and for my customers. I also use my superpower to help the rest of my troop think up ideas for our cookie booth themes! They are so much fun! I also use my superpower for costumes to fit in with our booths. COOKIE POWER!"


Elizabeth, Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus-Pine

Her cookie-selling superpower: “Money management. We live in a small town and my troop has worked very hard to save our cookie money to have some big adventures. We have spent the night on the USS Midway, gone to surf camp, and visited Hawaii for a week. My experiences selling cookies have taught me how to set a goal and be able to save money to achieve that goal.”

Keirsten, Girl Scouts of Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
Her cookie-selling superpower: “While selling cookies has given me many ‘super powers,’ such as communicating effectively with people, using social media as a business medium, and setting goals, the cookie-selling super power that has affected me most is the ability to stay motivated and persevere, even when I feel like giving up.”

Jordan, Southeast Florida
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My ability to use creative ways to promote and sell cookies. I e-mail, sell door-to-door, go to my parents' offices, sell to friends and family, and use social media. I also made a promotional video showing all the cookies."

Vivian, Girl Scouts of Nation's Capital
Her cookie-selling superpower: “My ability to utilize aesthetics and design in my advertising. Some of my most prominent hobbies include art, calligraphy, and graphic design. I put these skills to effective use during the cookie-selling process through a multitude of mediums, including sales pitch videos, social media posts, digital posters, and promotional posters to attract attention at cookie booths.”


Alexandra, Girl Scouts of Orange County

Her cookie-selling superpower: “I have turned my cookie sales program into an opportunity to help the military community. My aim is to get as many Care to Share donations as possible to supply cookies to the military. And for many years, I have donated one dollar per box of cookies sold to a military charity.”

Faatimath, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Her cookie-selling superpower: “Creative advertising. I always try to come up with an eye-catching way to attract customers. I find that if you create something visual, customers tend to buy more.”

Kaitlyn, Girl Scouts of Southern AppalachiansHer cookie-selling superpower: “People skills. I have been in Girl Scouts for 12 years, which has enabled me to come out of my shell and become an amazing spokesperson. I love telling potential customers about what their funds go toward and how it helps me and my troop reach our goals.”

Kathryn, Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes
Her cookie-selling superpower: “I take my autism and turn it into an advantage, not a disadvantage.”

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