Monday, June 3, 2019

Girl Scouts Take On FIRST World Championships

The CookieNauts from Girl Scouts of Utah earned the Motivate trophy at Utah State Competition
in recognition of the robotics camps they ran for kids from military families. 

For too long, children have been raised to believe that boys are innately more talented in math and sciences than girls; as early as second grade, youth agree that “math is for boys, not girls.” For over a century, Girl Scouts has pushed back against this harmful stereotype, providing an encouraging space for girls to explore their STEM interests in cybersecurity, engineering, robotics, and more - while also building confidence, leadership, and teamwork in a safe all-girl environment. Girl Scouts are almost twice as likely as non–Girl Scouts to participate in STEM activities (60 percent versus 35 percent) like science experiments and building robots.

This year, Girl Scouts once again shattered the STEM glass ceiling as Girl Scout robotics teams from across the country showcased their incredible talents as they competed at the FIRST World Championships in Houston (April 17-20) and Detroit (April 24-27) – the world’s largest robotics competition and celebration. The challenge this year is to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration and propose a solution; each team is challenged to think creatively and use their knowledge to put together an effective robotics project.

These are just a few of the many Girl Scout robotics teams across the country! 

Space Cookies from Girl Scouts of Northern California placed first at
LA North Regionals and competed at FIRST World Championships in Houston.

These Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors each earned THREE Robotics badges!
They built small-dome robots, learned about engineering, and are ready to tackle the next challenge

More than 300 Girl Scouts earned Robotics badges from The Bionic Tigers, a high school robotics team. 

This Girl Scout Brownie robotics team worked hard all year to develop some amazing STEM skills.
Winning an award at the FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo was just the icing on the cake. 

This Girl Scout Cadette and her STEM club team’s LEGO Mindstorm robot earned them second place
in their school’s robotics competition. Next up: Medtronic Robotics Competition! 

This Girl Scout Junior and her team won the Excellence Award at a VEX IG tournament
and are headed to the World Championship in Kentucky! 

RoboScout Squad from Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming earned second place
for innovation and strategy at the FLL Montana State Championship!