Saturday, June 22, 2019

All New Camp Hacks to Help Your Camper Rock Summer Camp

The sun is beaming a little brighter every day, temps are heating up, and it’s almost time for one of our absolute favorite times of the year—Girl Scout camp! Exploring the great outdoors, swimming, having a blast with friends, learning new things, sitting around cozy campfires, singing songs, and filling the day with fun and adventure? We’re so ready!

Plus, guess what? Camp is one more opportunity for her to discover who she can become—a place where she can raise her hand, speak up, and try something new, almost every single day. It’s a place with a dozen different ways to take the lead in small, powerful ways, a place where she will learn over and over again, that she CAN do anything, even if she fails at first.

So, yes, camp is awesome! But camp can also be overwhelming, especially for those first-time campers. For example, it can be daunting to get your camper all packed up and organized for their day or week at camp (when you won’t be there to help them). We also know campers sometimes struggle with things like staying at camp overnight for the first time, making new friends, or feeling homesick.

That’s exactly why we worked with amazing Girl Scout camp directors across the country to put together these super fun and useful camp hacks—yes, yes, yes! Check out our spirited playlist and get tips on everything from making the most out of that bandana and putting together a cool “clothing pill” for quick-and-easy morning dressing, to overcoming homesickness and dealing with those pesky afraid-of-the-dark jitters, plus so much more.

Cool, right? Make sure to share, share, share, and help every first-time camper you know have the best Girl Scout summer ever! And hey, even an experienced camper might learn a new trick or two, so don’t be shy about sharing with them too. 

Here’s to a great summer full of new experiences and cherish-them-forever memories. Happy camping friends