Monday, May 13, 2019

14 Things You Must Pack For Summer Camp

The weather’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer, and Girl Scouts know what that means: it’s camping time! Sure, Girl Scouts camp all year long, but summer camping is definitely very popular. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip with the troop or a week-long stay at your local Girl Scout camp, some supplies belong on every what to pack for summer camp list!

Here are some items that Girl Scouts shouldn’t leave behind when they set out to explore the great outdoors:

First things first: how are you going to hold your supplies if you don’t have a sturdy backpack? A well-made pack ensures that your Girl Scout is no more than an arm’s length away from whatever she needs as she hikes along the trail.

Water Bladder or Water Bottle
We all know that during the summer days the temperature can hit the ceiling. Having a large water bladder can not only keep your Girl Scout well-hydrated, it can also keep her cooled down as the heat rises during the day. A little heat never kept a Girl Scout down!

Bug Repellent 
It’s fun to be outdoors with your Girl Scout friends! It’s not so fun to meet new friends in the form of mosquitoes and ticks while out on the trail. Bringing along bug spray is a good way to say “thanks but no thanks” to any pests you may encounter while exploring the outdoors.

When is a bandanna not a bandanna? How about when it’s a makeshift bag, or when it’s a hair tie, or when it’s a sling or tourniquet? Bandannas are not only fun and stylish, they can also be useful in dozens of different ways as you hit the trails.

Proper Footwear
Nobody wants sore feet when they’re camping, especially if nature walks or hikes are involved! Sneakers or a sturdy pair of hiking boots work wonders at extending the outdoor experience as you navigate paths through the woods and outdoors. Don’t forget an extra pair of dry socks (or three!) in case of a surprise rainstorm.

Sit-upons are as unique as the Girl Scouts who make them: no two are the same! Bringing her sit-upon is a great way for a Girl Scout to show off a cool project she has created, and it also ensures that she won’t be sitting in any mud puddles or ant farms when breaking camp.

Even the most fun camping trip can be tainted by a bad sunburn. A good bottle of waterproof sunscreen is a must have if you are spending hours outdoors. Remember: even if it is cloudy out, it’s still very possible to get burned if you don’t protect yourself. Don’t forget the sunscreen. 

Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Even if it gets too warm in the evening for a sleeping bag, it’s better to be with one than without if an overnight stay is planned. Having a soft extra layer between your Girl Scout and the woodland floor will help ensure a good night’s sleep so she’ll have the energy to tackle the trail tomorrow!

Games and Journals
A deck of cards, some Mad Libs, and other small games are a great low-key activity to keep everyone busy after setting up camp. It’s a good way to increase bonding and to burn off any extra energy that your girls have generated while they were soaking up nature’s beauty during the day. Sending her to camp with a special journal gives her a place to keep all of these camp memories, especially if she’s spending a week at a resident overnight camp.

It seems like a no-brainer, but be sure not to forget essentials such as her toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. Something to keep in mind: the longer the trip, the more she is going to miss these items if she forgets them.

Bathing Suit
Swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, boating—there are so many watersports she can get into, depending on what your camp offers. Make sure that before she leaves, she has her suit packed up! 

While it’s good to unplug while out on the trail, she is going to want to have a way to share the memories she made along the way during her adventure. Sending her along with a small digital camera is a good way to create lasting images that can be shared with her friends back home, and it may spark an interest in photography.

Even under the light of a full moon, nights during the summer can get very dark. For safety’s sake, be sure not to forget to pack a flashlight or two, as well as some extra batteries. Camping is always more enjoyable when you can see where you are going!

Mess kit 
Is there anything better than cooking at camp? Mess kits are absolutely essential if you’re camping with your troop! They’re easy to transport and make cooking and eating at camp a lot simpler.

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