Friday, April 5, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Creating a Visual Identity for Lifetime Membership

When graphic designers Kirsten Pincket and Kori Dyer got the chance to refresh the look of lifetime membership for Girl Scouts, it took them right back to one of the first places that nurtured their interest in art. That place? Their Girl Scout troops.

As creative types, both were drawn to the arts and crafts aspect of Girl Scouts as children, an interest that signaled their future as an entrepreneurial design team. Today, they run a successful branding and design firm, Dearest Creative.

“This is an established brand that we respect deep in our hearts,” says Dyer. “We wanted to honor it, rather than to change everything. We wanted to maintain what it stands for and elevate it.”

In the end, the duo—who are both lifetime members—designed a new pin, a scarf, a landing page, a series of paper and email designs, and a photo shoot of images that showcase the work. One of the challenges in rebranding the top tier of adult membership in a venerable organization: appealing to women of all ages. In the end, they created an entirely new look designed to appeal across generations.

“It’s fresh, colorful, and fun, but also firmly rooted in the more than 100-year-old history of the organization, with references to our founder, Juliette Gordon Low,” explains Senior Director of Alum and Lifetime Membership Julie Sygiel.

The look debuted January 31, 2019, along with a new program of benefits. Want to learn more about lifetime membership? Read about the benefits and see more of their work!

Dearest Creative was tasked with creating a logo, scarf, membership pin, and membership card. “They perfectly capture the essence and vintage-yet-modern aesthetic that we established for the lifetime membership rebrand,” explains Pincket.
 Pincket and Dyer worked behind the scenes with photographer Michelle McSwain at the photo shoot. “It’s extremely rewarding to collaborate with strong, successful, and talented women,” says Pincket.

"It was an honor to assist in selecting the incredible archival items that we included in the shoot—so much history!” says Pincket. “The final product was a beautiful combination of modern, colorful set builds and vintage materials, striking the balance between honoring the past and looking toward the future.”