Friday, March 1, 2019

Cookie CEO Spotlight: Skye


Highest Girl Scout level reached:

How many years have you participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

If you could describe yourself in three words, what words would you choose?
Self assured, fashionista, dazzling!

Tell us about a time you faced your fears and tried something new.
I am afraid of spiders and being outside at night. My troop wanted to do a camping trip so we could get our camping journey, and I DID NOT want to go camping because I was too scared, but my sister Scouts we’re counting on me. I decided to be brave and pack my things and go, with my mommy by my side. We went and learned about water conservation and how to help keep our Camp Howdy nice and thriving. I loved it!

Tell us: What's something you've done that you're REALLY proud of?
I brought attention to my troop leaders and mayor that no one had mention anything about Black History Month, and we don’t really have celebrations around my town for it. So I was given the chance to teach my troop about inspirational African American women, everyone was happy and excited to see my presentation. It felt good being able to bring awareness to my troop about the good African Americans do !

What advice would you give to your younger self?
It’s okay to be scared just as long as you try your best to overcome your fears

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is about SO much more than cookies. What's an experience you had during Cookie Season that helped shape who you are today?
This Cookie Season was very cold in my town, at least more than we are used to. I watched many girls including myself stand for the entire cookie booth time in hail, rain, wind with smiles on our faces and sweetness in our voices as we tried to sale our cookies. I learned a lot about determination this cookie season ( mom taught me that word). We are asked what we would like to do throug the year camping ,trips ,parties. We create a budget for each event and set a goal what we need to do in order to get our event to happen. We have to be determined in order to reach our goals. It’s easy to quit when it’s raining outside, cold, no one wants to stop. But a lot of people see you out working hard and want to stop because they know you’re determined to reach whatever goals you have set.

People skills are important in every aspect of our lives. What's the biggest lesson you've learned about building relationships with others?

I learned that you have to respect everyone. We are all different and we all deserve respect and understanding.

Finish the sentence: I'm not afraid to use my voice and speak up about

BULLYING! I like to speak up against all bullies, even when it means protecting someone who has once bullied me.