Friday, February 22, 2019

Week-Three Winner Revealed. Adventures Gone Wild!

We’re all about having life-changing experiences, building friendships, and making the world a better place by caring for our beautiful planet and those around us. And the outdoors is the perfect place to do it all! Connecting to nature in meaningful ways through adventure and exploration while restoring the mind and spirit has always been at the core of Girl Scouting.

Did you know? According to a newly released GSRI study, Girl Scout camp helps girls develop important life skills and positive characteristics, such as confidence, appreciation for diversity, willingness to try new things, and leadership skills!

Through your epic stories, we got to see how spending time outdoors lets you get your hands dirty with wildlife and nature conservation projects—everything from cleaning local rivers to helping nesting sea turtles to installing bee habitats! To get inspired by your fellow Girl Scout sisters, check out the full photo gallery of submissions.

Although week three wraps up the Girl Scouts Outdoors Challenge, supported by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, we’re reminded that venturing beyond the world of walls to the comfort of our backyards allows us to do incredible things, like discovering the beauty of nature, getting to know new cultures, and making lasting and meaningful connections with others. So get started on a new camp adventure, or learn more about traveling abroad with Girl Scout Destinations! Make 2019 a year of amazing wildlife adventures!

Here are our top ten submissions for week three and our lucky winner.

Winner - Week 3:

"We are trying to make conscientious decisions as we travel the world that we choose green hotels and we do not harm animals in any way. We avoid zoos and circuses and we decided to visit the Elephant Sanctuary near Phuket, Thailand last year. We fed the animals, bathed them and had a learning session with their handlers. I hope to create awareness that animals share this world with us and we must protect them at all cost, without them being a merely entertaining resource for us." -Saira

Submission Highlights:

"During our Girl Scout camp. I got to interact with giraffes and feed them it was a great experience. I love the wildlife animals!" -Mariah

"During a visit to South Dakota I had the opportunity to see many wild animals including these Albino donkeys. I never thought Donkeys roamed free. I learned so much on my wildlife adventure and look forward to many more experiences." -Brianna

"Oceans of Fun Zoo camp helped me learn how to train and care for marine animals." -Lily

"This is one of my Girl Scouts, Nicole. She loves horses and had the opportunity to spend several hours learning about taking care of them and how to ride them. It is an experience she will never forget!" -Ashley

"It was so exciting to see the ocean from a whole new perspective. We were able to see stingrays, jellyfish and schools of fish swimming in the clear ocean water. I was a little scared at first but can’t wait to go back and try parasailing again!" -Meredith

"I love the lake and was surprised to find so many tadpoles." -Luisa

"It was humbling to explore nature and come this close to such a beautiful creature. It made us all understand the need for environmental awareness. We learned about this Luna moth and how they only live for about a week. It helped my whole troop put into perspective why we need to be more conscious about protecting the world and its unique life." -Kaitlyn

"My family went on an Alaskan adventure this summer. One of the awesome things I did was ride in a dog sled on a glacier!" -Sophia

"We stopped to say hello to this beautiful Belgian draft horse. Ruby fed him some fresh green grass." -Ruby's parent

"When I was a Daisy scout this sweet fawn followed us into our yard from the bus stop. She reminded me so much of a puppy the way she followed us around. I think she lives in the woods nearby but is all grown up now. (I'm a Junior GS now)" -Lindsay

The mission of the EWVP/Girl Scout partnership is to develop girls as leaders in wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship efforts that positively affect their communities and the world. Its objective is to foster the Girl Scout mission—building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Through the EWVP, girls develop science, outdoor, and leadership skills through cooperative girl-led activities in which they learn by doing. In the process, they:

  • Grow a strong sense of self, develop positive values, and gain an understanding of their important role in caring for wildlife and Earth's natural resources
  • Connect with nature, the outdoors, and their local and global communities; network with environmental experts; and investigate career opportunities
  • Take action to identify community and environmental needs, positively influence the environment, and educate and inspire others to act as stewards of Earth and its wildlife