Friday, February 8, 2019

Take the Girl Scouts' Outdoor Photo Challenge And See Our Week-One Winner!

As part of the Girl Scouts Outdoors Challenge, supported by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, we asked girls across the country to submit their epic outdoor adventure photos and tell us what made their experiences special. The prize? A high-tech action camera and a smartwatch—SWEET! We were overwhelmed with all the incredible stories you shared and are excited to feature some of our favs. After all, outdoor adventures lead to other amazing experiences, like making new friends, finding inspirational mentors, and gaining independence. Check out the full photo gallery of submissions.

Embarking on outdoor adventures, like Girl Scout camp and Destinations, has been a part of Girl Scouts’ DNA since our very beginning. Many of the badges the first Girl Scouts earned were tied to learning and refining outdoor skills and becoming environmental stewards (Foot Traveler badge, Animal Kingdom badge), and that hasn't changed in our more than 100-year history. And, as confirmed by the Girl Scout Research Institute’s recent study, what girls learn at Girl Scout camp serves them far beyond that experience! These girls are more likely to appreciate and protect nature, try new things, maintain healthy relationships, and have confidence in their ability to be successful—just to name a few of the benefits.

Get inspired by this week’s top ten contestants, as well as our lucky winner Maya, and explore Girl Scout Destinations and camp to start your next outdoor exploration! And be sure to check out all the Outdoor and Environmental badges you can earn as a Girl Scout. 

Week two of the challenge is all about amazing wildlife discoveries. Don't forget to share pics of your discoveries on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GSoutdoorsSweepstakes and tag us, @girlscouts! You can also enter by uploading your photo. You could win BIG!

Winner – Week 1:

"I joined a Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteerism project with my family in Costa Rica. I went on night patrols on the beach to look for nesting sea turtles to protect them from poachers. I monitored the turtle hatchery and released baby turtles. I’m holding a bucket of 86 baby Olive Ridley turtles that I’m about to release." -Maya

Featured Submissions:

"I nervously and patiently waited for the teenagers in the background to jump off the cliff. After 20 minutes of no one jumping, I swam over, climbed up the cliff and jumped off. All the while, the teenagers were still trying to find their courage." -Josephine

“I was riding in a rodeo with the Girl Scouts’ flag. It was special because I got to represent Girl Scouts with my horse Pebbles that I love so much. Rodeo and Girl Scouts go together! It's the perfect outdoor experience.” -Angelica

"Troop 8138 had a wonderful day with our female guide who showed us how fearless and strong we could be by taking on scary challenges and working as a team!" -Aimee

"We took a 12-day trip through the southwestern US and visited New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. I got to see lots of new places that I'd only ever heard about. I earned my Girl Scout Ranger patch by visiting and learning about 12 different National Parks"-Mary Anne

"Most days in Hawaii are awesome, but getting to hike to a waterfall and splash around was one of the best. The water was cold, but super clear." -Payton

"Being able to go to Girl Scout Camp McMillen has given my daughter the opportunity to be FEARLESS!!" -Dakota
"@GirlScouts Hiking the Swiss Alps with #GirlScouts was a once and a lifetime experience! Looking forward to traveling with #GirlScouts to #PuertoRico this summer!#GSoutdoorsSweepstakes #GirlScoutcookies." -Laura

"I have been working with The Transition Habitat Conservancy in Pinion Hills for a few years. I was at ground zero for the Monarch butterfly waystation, so naturally installing bee habitats was very meaningful. The decline of these pollinators is increasing rapidly. I wanted to bring awareness to our native bees and give them homes in our beautiful landscape to thrive. #gssgc #troop1101 #silveraward #beeprepared" -Caitlin

“With the support of my Girl Scout sisters and family, I got to conquer my fears, and reach new heights!” -Stephanie

"Enjoying nature with my 4 legged bestie!" -Becky

About the Elliott Wildlife Values Project

The mission of the EWVP/Girl Scout partnership is to develop girls as leaders in wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship efforts that positively affect their communities and the world. Its objective is to foster the Girl Scout mission—building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Through the EWVP, girls develop science, outdoor, and leadership skills through cooperative girl-led activities in which they learn by doing. In the process, they:

  • Grow a strong sense of self, develop positive values, and gain an understanding of their important role in caring for wildlife and Earth's natural resources
  • Connect with nature, the outdoors, and their local and global communities; network with environmental experts; and investigate career opportunities
  • Take action to identify community and environmental needs, positively influence the environment, and educate and inspire others to act as stewards of Earth and its wildlife