Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Use Your Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy Superpowers to Win the Cookie Pro Contest!

Hey cookie bosses! This year you can unleash your ultimate G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ potential for a chance to win the Cookie Entrepreneur Experience of a lifetime featuring the bold and brave DC Super Hero Girls™! The experience includes a trip to sunny California for an epic behind-the-scenes VIP adventure at Warner Bros. Studios—SWEET! Are you as excited about this as we are? If the answer is yes, let’s jump right in. Here’s how it works:

To be considered for the grand prize, highlight your unique cookie story of heroic skill and strength by:

Answering a set of questions and completing a Cookie Pro™ contest entry form, which involves—
  • Creating your own cookie story (it’s easy with our handy template!). Please use one page if you’re a Daisy, Brownie, or Junior, or two pages if you’re a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador.
  • Submitting a clearly focused photo of yourself.
You might want to channel your inner DC Super Hero Girl by tapping into these three superpowers:
  1. Imagination helps us change our way of thinking and realize new, game-changing ideas. It also makes solving problems easier. How would you tell your story if you were making a super hero movie? Imagine someone reading your cookie story—what would you like them to take away from it? How would you want them to feel inspired?
  2. Creativity helps you tell your story in a more compelling and interesting way. Set aside some time to imagine, sketch, experiment, and explore. Think of how you could get creative with your drawings and characters. What fun, interesting, and unique things happened to you/your troop while running your cookie sale? Where were you? Who was with you? What were they wearing? What was the weather like? What was special about those experiences? How did it make you and those around you feel? How did you unleash your G.I.R.L potential when faced with a challenge or trying something new? You may want to have two creativity sessions and explore your unique cookie story some more or even brainstorm with others—have fun with it!
  3. Strategy helps you plan ahead and think through your story before you even begin sketching it. Consider starting with a written outline of your cookie story, and then think of illustrations that best capture the events that took place. It's OK to mess up too! You can always print another template, dust yourself off, and try again. 
Every Girl Scout has a worthwhile tale to tell for this year’s Cookie Pro contest, no matter how big or seemingly small—it’s all about getting creative and putting that I-can-do-anything cape in motion! So are you ready to enter for your chance to be one of 24 grand-prize winners nationwide? Complete your entry today!