Friday, November 16, 2018

Guest Post: My Epic Experience Visiting General Motors and Learning About Designing Dream Cars

Written by Girl Scout Margie from Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (Troop 70682).

On October 27, 2018, General Motors’ (GM’s) Women in Design held a Girl Scout event about careers in designing. It may have been a rainy day outside, but inside was a whole new world. There were many exciting things to do and hands-on activities for the 200 (yes, 200!) girls inside the GM campus. 🚙

GM employees from different departments talked about their schooling and careers. Many of my peers may not realize that not everyone does the same thing at GM. One could be a photographer, engineer, designer, artist, sculptor, IT technician, or mechanic—and that’s just some of many other careers you can have at GM! It was an eye-opening experience, especially because I want to work at GM, and now I have a better idea of where a career in art, innovation, and technology can take me. In the past, I was interested in many potential career paths, including an astronaut, teacher, and firefighter. After going to the GM event, I realized that I love art👩‍🎨. As a sophomore in high school, I want to explore art more to see if it's a fit.

The GM event gave me an opportunity to be a part of different, exciting activities. 👉We rotated through eight stations. One was about color and trim; for every new car, people determine the materials, interior and exterior colors. They look at fashion trends, incorporating those colors and patterns into the vehicle.

👉Another station was about life-size car sculptures. Designers make wooden frames with hard foam on top, put a bunch of clay on, and sculpt the car. We got to add clay to a sculpture and blend it. It was actually pretty difficult to smooth clay out like the professionals at GM did.

👉At other stations, we were immersed in lots of cool technology, including sketches, 3D hand scans, and 3D printouts of car parts. I also learned that problems often arise when designing cars. For example, engineers and designers often problem solve to figure out how things will actually work in an artist’s desired sketch. Being able to identify the issues and come up with creative solutions as a team is key!

One of my favorite stations was the photo opp 📸station. The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Krypton Concept was on display, which was pretty awesome! There are certain things you can just easily connect to: that car was one of them for me. 

I recommend an event like this to anyone at any age. It was definitely worth getting up on a Saturday morning to go to, even with all the rain. It’s things like this incredible adventure at GM that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life. There were so many cool things to learn about and see, stories to listen to, and fun things to do. As long as the GM employees made one person happy, they’ve done their job. I think they did that times 200. I enjoyed myself and saw many other Girl Scouts enjoying themselves as well. I hope GM considers doing more events like this in the future.

If you would like further information about GM Design Center, creative careers, or our community outreach programs, contact Maggie Eko