Friday, July 20, 2018

Weekly Girl Scout Gold Award Spotlight

Check out this week’s sampling of go-getting, innovating, risk-taking Gold Award Girl Scouts—young women who know what it means to lead with true G.I.R.L. spirit!

Girl Scouts of Northern California

From a very young age, Sakshi, who lived in India until seventh grade, knew all too well about girls who fell victim to trafficking and/or were forced into child marriage in South Asian countries. Her passion for human rights and desire to speak up for those who’ve been mistreated inspired Sakshi to take action. Her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Project GREET (Girl Rights: Engage, Empower, Train), raises awareness about gender inequity, child marriage, and human trafficking. To gather data on these topics, Sakshi met and interviewed activists, social workers, and lawyers from around the world. She created a website for her project, which includes a documentary film produced by her and a relevant YouTube playlist and training curriculum. Project GREET has reached and educated nearly 3 million people to date. Cleary there’s no stopping this Gold Award Girl Scout’s G.I.R.L. Agenda!

Learn more about Sakshi’s project.

Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey

It’s no secret that Girl Scouts leave a place better than they found it! With the help of her family and friends, Amanda brought her Girl Scout Gold Award vision to life, renovating and decorating three bedrooms and a living room at a local shelter for young mothers. She collected donations such as diaper bags stuffed with baby toiletries, as well as gift baskets, “Boppy” pillows, gently used books, and wall art. In the early stages of her project, Amanda’s goal had been to host a baby shower and renovate two rooms—but in true Girl Scout fashion she accomplished a good deal more, even adding a mini library to the shelter’s living room space. Since the completion of her project, it’s been clear to Amanda that the moms and moms-to-be who live in the facility are happy to now have a place that feels like home. 

Learn more about Amanda's project 

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

For children, expressing their feelings can be hard. An art enthusiast and future art student, Girl Scout Maddie put her innovator skills to work to create a coloring book with characters like “Angry Apple” and “Scared Strawberry” to help kids open the lines of communication by understanding their emotions. Thanks to Maddie’s Girl Scout Gold Award project, more than a quarter of a million children have since learned tips for identifying and working with their feelings in healthy, no-pressure ways. This go-getter’s still-growing Gold Award project started locally before expanding to the national level, and is now available on three different continents—talk about changing the world!

Learn more about Maddie’s project.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

Single-use plastic bags are harmful to our land and marine wildlife. After hearing that the ocean will contain more plastic bags than fish by the year 2050, Julia lifted her voice and took a stand in front of hundreds of people in her community to raise awareness about the negative effects on our environment of single-use plastic bags. And the young environmentalist took further action behind the scenes—studying neighboring towns with similar bans, meeting with public officials, rallying a group of friends to spread awareness, and publicizing her petition on social media platforms. Thanks to her G.I.R.L. Agenda, the ordinance was passed, making Tyngsboro a greener place for all!

Learn more about Julia’s project.

Gold Award Girl Scouts are recipients of one of the most prestigious awards in the world for girls. By the time they put the final touches on their seven-step projects, they’ll have addressed a significant problem in their community—not only in the short term, but with a plan to sustain the work for years into the future. They’re also eligible for college scholarships and to enter the military one rank higher than non–Gold Award Girl Scouts.

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