Saturday, May 5, 2018

Three Guaranteed Ways to Have the Best Summer Camp Experience Ever

summer camp experience
Summer adventure starts at Girl Scout camp. 

We asked Girl Scouts what made their camp experience epic. Turns out it boils down to three main things:

1. Having a friendly attitude when meeting fellow campers.

2. Loving the outdoors and everything that comes with it—like field trips, sports, and wildlife.

3. Supporting one another through team spirit as girls solve challenges together.

But don’t take our word for it—hear it from the girls themselves!

“I like camping because you can talk with your friends and do fun things and get to know everyone better.” —Nine-year-old Girl Scout, Texas

“I enjoy being outside and being active with my Girl Scout troop because it is simply fun to get together and play games with good, healthy competition.” —14-year-old Girl Scout, Washington

“I got to have fun with my friends. And I have never done a ropes course, so it was awesome. Some of my friends were kinda scared, so I helped them and that made me feel good.” —Nine-year-old Girl Scout, Illinois

But girls aren’t alone in their adoration of camp; parents love it too. Like Angela Borchert, who says,

“When I picked her up from camp, she was filthy, but she also had the biggest smile on her face—she was absolutely glowing. We stopped for lunch on the way home and she couldn’t stop talking about camp (and that’s saying a lot because she’s already a chatterbox). She was already planning the following year’s trip.” 

Girl Scout summer camp offers a pro-girl environment for your girl to learn, socialize, stay active and have great adventures. And enrolling her is one of the strongest ways you can contribute to her healthy development.

The best part? She doesn’t need to already be a Girl Scout to attend! Want her to get in on the fun? Sign up for Girl Scout camp!