Sunday, May 6, 2018

Six Fun Summer Activities to Get Her Outdoors

fun summer activities, outdoor activities
Adventure outdoors awaits at Girl Scouts. Revel in fun summer activities!
With summer just around the corner, we’re already daydreaming about the sun, great adventures, and being outdoors! From climbing mountains to exploring new hiking trails to swimming or riding whitewater rapids, the outdoors comes with endless possibilities for fun in the sun.

And what’s better than soaking up those rays while also earning badges in the great outdoors? Get out there, like a Girl Scout! If you're a member, you should earn outdoor badges when engaging in one or all of these 6 outdoor activities.

1.  Go camping. We’re all about learning, having fun, and making friends—the perfect combination for camp. Playing games, singing songs, and making crafts are just a few of the things you’ll love about camp! Whether you go with your family or participate in Girl Scout camp, you’ll learn how to prepare for all your outdoor adventures. Daisies can even earn the Buddy Camper badge when they're done.

2.  Take on an outdoor adventure! Consider climbing a hill or mountain so high you'll be yearning to snap a selfie on top of it to capture the memory.  Grab a friend or team up with your Girl Scout troop to explore your neighborhood at night, or buddy up to set up a tent in a nearby park or your backyard.  If you're a Brownie these are just some activities you’ll try out when you challenge yourself to earn the Outdoor Adventurer badge 

3. Try your hand at geocaching. Here’s your chance to play part global explorer, part detective when you search for treasure chests known as “geocaches” using GPS. By the end of your search, you’ll not only have had an exciting geocaching adventure but also have learned how to prepare for future quests. If you're a Junior, you’ll be taking the steps to earn the Geocacher badge, too.

4.  Shoot Archery. Are you up for a challenge? Why not try archery? This exciting sport teaches you how to take aim outdoors and improve your strength, focus, and form. Be sure to prepare. Learn about archery equipment and safety before you shoot on an archery range. If you're a Cadette, you can earn the  Archery badge while you're at it.  Now that’s a win-win.

5. Outdoor Art? Why not!  Whether it be through photography, painting, jewelry making or music, experiment with new ways of expressing your love of nature. Let it move you to create art inspired by the outdoors. Seniors can earn the Art Expert badge once their masterpiece is complete.

6. Plan a trip to the beach, river, or lake.  Water surrounds us every day. In fact, it’s so commonplace that sometimes we forget how precious it is. We challenge you to think more deeply about water: what’s your relationship with it? How can you celebrate it? What are current water issues and possible solutions? When you've identified an issue you'd like to impact—take action like a Girl Scout! If you're an Ambassador, the Water badge is yours afterward.

Prepare for great adventures, Girl Scout style! Get your outdoor gear at the Girl Scout shop. The badges don’t stop here. Check out more Girl Scout badges you can earn when you show the outdoors some love.