Saturday, May 19, 2018

4 Reasons Prince Harry is Lucky to be Marrying a Girl Scout

Life is always better with a Girl Scout by your side, and Prince Harry truly hit the jackpot when Girl Scout alum Meghan Markle agreed to let him put a ring on it. Here’s why the royal family should be super thankful she’s joining their ranks.

She’s got that Girl Scout work ethic
Earning badges and completing journeys teaches girls that hard work pays off, and it seems that lesson has stuck with Meghan throughout the years. From working at a frozen yogurt shop as a teen to starting her own blog and designing her own fashion line while also starring in Suits (phew!), the soon-to-be royal has proven time and time again that she’s got a can-do attitude. But what’s next for her? Meghan has said that with her acting career winding down, she’s excited to do even more work in the field of philanthropy. We can’t wait to watch her save the world!

She’s always up for an outdoor adventure

Being a Girl Scout is one of the best ways to fall in love with the great outdoors, a passion that Meghan and Prince Harry seem to share. This self-described California-girl loves nature and has biked through Vietnam and traveled in a camper van through New Zealand. Who wants to bet she makes a mean S’more, too?

She stands up for what’s right

Girl Scouts gives girls the tools to speak up for what they believe in and use their voice for good, and that’s something Meghan has been doing since a very young age. When she was just 11, she got an advertiser to change their campaign and remove sexist language (you go, Girl Scout!) and just last year, she wrote an article for TIME magazine about how a lack of menstrual hygiene products affects the potential of girls and women globally.

She’s got a global view

As part of the royal family, Meghan will surely be rubbing elbows with top representatives from all over the world. Good thing Girl Scouts lays the groundwork for girls to think about how people from all different countries are connected, and to be curious about and welcoming of different cultures and points of view. That foundation—plus her degree in international relations and stint at the United Nation—will be an asset to the whole family. 

So while Meghan adds a tiara to her wardrobe, we’d like to think it was her Girl Scout sash that helped her become the strong, smart woman Prince Harry—and all of her fans—love today.