Saturday, April 28, 2018

The G.I.R.L. Superheroes Who Are Saving the World

There’s no doubt that Girl Scouts share the impressive qualities of a superhero: they’re selfless; strong; honest; courageous; kind; and, most importantly, determined to make the world a better place!

Today, in honor of National Superhero Day, we’re celebrating four of our top G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ superheroes who are using their powers to make a difference in their communities—and beyond.

Cassie the go-getter: Gold Award Girl Scout Cassie began her journey for justice in 2015, when she learned that child marriage was still prevalent in many communities worldwide—including her home state of New Hampshire, which allows girls as young as 13 years old to tie the knot. So this Girl Scout took action! After rallying a team of elected officials and advocating for two years to put together a bill to raise the legal marriage age, Cassie watched it finally go to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for a vote. Unfortunately, the bill failed to pass, and to add to the blow, the House also voted to bar the bill from coming up again for two years.

Like a true go-getter, Cassie isn’t giving up! She plans to continue to fight back against the initial loss and pave a new path toward change. In the meantime, she’ll expand on her Gold Award project, which teaches kids about advocacy and how to find their voice and gives them the tools they need to create change in their communities.
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Devika the innovator: Gold Award Girl Scout Devika is changing the lives of girls in rural Rajasthan, India. While visiting, Devika learned that 23 percent of girls in rural India quit school because they lack information and resources to support menstruation. She knew she had to help, so she came up with an idea: Devika raised funds in her local community to purchase sanitary pad machines that grind cotton, press the cotton into pads, and then disinfect the pads. During her next visit to Rajasthan, she brought the machines to remote villages where the women were learned how to operate the machines and create a business from selling the sanitary pads.

And this innovator didn’t stop there! She also conducted workshops to teach women and girls more about menstruation and the importance of hygiene. Learn more >

Taylor the risk-taker: Girl Scout Taylor knows what it’s like to turn her struggles into triumph. For more than two years, she experienced severe bullying—from cruel name-calling to jokes about her appearance to even physical abuse. It got so bad, she would fake being sick so she could avoid her bullies at school. Then one day, the unthinkable happened: she was bitten and had the marks on her back to prove it, so her school was finally able to take action against her bullies.

Despite everything, Taylor’s G.I.R.L. spirit never faltered. She joined a Girl Scout troop, improved her grades, and her confidence soared! Soon she decided she wanted to help other girls in her community take a stand and overcome their own bullying experiences. Not only did this risk-taker find the power of her own voice but she also uses it to inspire others! Learn more >

Lily the leader: Gold Award Girl Scout Lily is empowering teens in her community to break barriers and build lasting friendships. Her event, the “Longest Table—Class of 2018,” brought students together for critical conversations about how to prevent bullying and strengthen relationships that promote peace, equality, truth, and unity, both among the students themselves and within the community at large. This event was the first time that students from all area high schools came together, and despite being from different backgrounds, many discovered they shared similar concerns about their community—and learned that through healthy conversations, they have the power to solve problems and create positive change. Learn more >

Do you also have what it takes to be a G.I.R.L. superhero? Discover your G.I.R.L. superpower.