Monday, April 23, 2018

Get Techy During Girls in ICT Day

Technology is a natural part of our lives, influencing everything from the way we communicate with one another to how we receive medical care. So how can you use it to make a positive contribution to the world? For starters, you can get involved on ICT Day. What is ICT Day? International Girls in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day aims to empower and encourage girls and young women to break into careers in the growing field of ICT.

ICT drives growth and innovation worldwide: girls who learn to code and develop apps are not only well-positioned for a successful career but also prepared to use technology in groundbreaking new ways to help society.

As a troop leader, volunteer, parent, or older Girl Scout, you can play an active role in inspiring younger Girl Scouts to take an interest in the field. Wondering how? Here are some ideas.

1. Start the conversation. Sit down and talk to girls about technology. Find out what it means to them beyond our everyday electronic devices, and have them share the ways they use it in and out of school. Ask them to research other real-life applications of technology by reading online textbooks, doing classroom assignments, playing educational games, connecting on social media, texting with friends or family, listening to podcasts, reading articles, or watching videos. Be sure to address the pros and cons of different technologies so girls gain a fuller understanding.

2. Host a talk with women in ICT. Organize a discussion with women in ICT at a troop meeting. Invite women who work in a variety of roles (e.g., computer support, website development, digital strategy, etc.), and dive in to their every day. Ask them to explain what they do and share how they got involved, what they like about their job, and what the challenges are. Encourage the girls in your troop to ask questions.

3. Plan a movie night. Invite Girl Scouts to watch and discuss a movie about women in ICT. For some ideas, check out Hidden Figures, Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, or She Started It.

4. Organize a Day of Shadowing. Help Girl Scouts shadow a woman in an ICT role for a day. This will give them the opportunity to see firsthand understanding of what it’s like to work in ICT. Call ICT companies like phone and internet service providers in your area to make it happen.

Learning is even more fun when you can earn badges! Check out our Badge Explorer for even more ideas and to discover the different science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) badges (e.g., Entertainment Technology, Programming Robots, Inventor, and Home Scientist) Girl Scouts can earn. Because together we can shape the next generation of women in tech—and invent a brighter future for us all!