Wednesday, April 11, 2018

7 Ways Girl Scouts Can Give Back to…Pets!

There are so many ways Girl Scouts give back—donating cookie earnings to incredible causes, speaking out on issues close to their hearts, dedicating their time and skills to help those in need… And another way Girl Scouts give back? It involves our lovable, adorable pets. (There’s even a badge for it!)

We put together some of our favorite stories and project ideas featuring creative ways Girl Scouts can help our furry friends.

1. Making and donating pet supplies. Have girls put their artistic skills to work (and maybe even earn the Textile Artist badge!) by creating pet supplies to donate to local shelters. Favorite ideas include pet beds and blankets, toys, and even homemade treats (just check with a local veterinarian about healthy and safe recipe options).

2. Purchasing and donating pet supplies. Your girls aren’t do-it-yourselfers? Many troops opt to use their cookie earnings to purchase supplies to donate to local shelters or put together kits filled with everything new pet parents need when they adopt. Girls will learn how to budget, make smart shopping decisions, and give back—all thanks to a single project! 

Girl Scouts Kylie and Hailey donated pet oxygen masks
to their local fire department.
3. Contributing pet oxygen masks. Firefighters may use oxygen masks to help victims of a house fire, but did you know different masks are needed for pets who inhale too much smoke? And fire stations aren’t always equipped with these masks. That’s where Girl Scouts can step in—like Kylie and Hailey, two go-getters who raised enough money to purchase pet mask kits for their local fire station, earning their Girl Scout Silver Award as a result. Soon after, their masks helped save a lucky dog's life. Talk about impact!

4. Assisting K-9 units. Why not help keep the dogs safe who help keep you safe? Many troops choose to use their cookie earnings to donate bulletproof vests and other safety supplies for dogs on duty—like Brownie Troop 3434, which purchased snake venom vaccines for its local K-9 unit upon learning that the four-legged deputies sometimes encounter rattlesnakes on the job. 

Troop 3434 purchased snake venom vaccines with their cookie earnings to help a local K-9 unit. 

5. Using resources wisely.
As any experienced Girl Scout troop knows, a successful cookie season results in A LOT of empty boxes. Have you ever thought about using those boxes to give back? Many Girl Scouts, including Mackenzie and Hallie, upcycle their cookie boxes to make durable cat scratchers to donate to cat shelters!

6. Building community. When a passion for animals turns into inspiration to improve one’s community, that’s Gold Award–worthy! Gold Award Girl Scout Kaytlyn enhanced a local dog park to provide a safe space for dogs to run and play—she even constructed a new trail to give older dogs easier access.

7. Volunteering. Donating time can be just as meaningful as donating supplies. Girls can volunteer to clean up local dog parks, offer to care for neighbors’ pets while they’re away, or even take more responsibility for caring for their own pets at home (which benefits both her parents and her!). Another fun one: spend quality time with pets waiting for their forever homes! Brownie Troop 90543 did it, spending a day reading to shelter animals both to improve their own reading skills and to help socialize pets up for adoption.

Got a project idea to add? Let us know!