Tuesday, April 24, 2018

19 Genius Ways to Recycle Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

As cookie season comes to a close, girls are packing up their booths, tallying their earnings, and planning their epic summer adventures. But some troops may be wondering, “what do we do with our leftover cookie boxes?!” Because Girl Scouts always use their resources wisely, we asked troops to share the most clever ways they gave extra boxes of cookies new life. Here are our faves!

1. Make moving easier:

2. Keep your troop organized:

3. Bling Your Booth with banners:

4. Bling Your Booth with props:

5. Bling Your Booth with costumes: 

More Bling Your Booth ideas > 

6. Earn a Girl Scout Art badge:

7. Earn your Letterboxer badge:

8. Work on your Think Like An Engineer Journey:

9. Give back to our furry friends:

10. Inspire future Girl Scouts:

11. Improve a Girl Scout camp:

12. Donate to those in need:

13. Provide comfort:

14. Lead in a local parade - like a Girl Scout:

15. Be ready for the next eclipse:

16. Play games:

17. SWAPS:

18. Create memories: 

19. Get outside:

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