Thursday, March 15, 2018

Weekly Girl Scout Gold Award Spotlight

Check out this week’ s sampling of go-getting, innovating, risk-taking Gold Award Girl Scouts—young women who know what it means to lead with true G.I.R.L. spirit!

Michaela, Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois 

For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Michaela organized a summer game program at her local Boys & Girls Club, providing supplies to keep the program running for years to come. The inspiration for her project involved a family vacation—and lots of board games! “I did research on games and found that they can help kids learn so many different social skills,” she shared. So Michaela worked with Boys & Girls Club staff to create detailed lesson plans addressing things like sharing, how to win and lose graciously, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship, and taking into account how children generally learn best. And she was able to donate 50 games to the Boys & Girls Club through a collection drive—games available to kids from families that may not have the means to purchase board games. Way to offer the gift of educational play community-wide, Michaela!

Learn more about Michaela’s project. 

Anisa, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma

In the rural community Anisa lives in, students don’t have much access to STEM programming. This
limited access and resulting lower interest in STEM subjects have shown to be detrimental to older students at Anisa’s local high school as they apply for college and scholarships and determine their career paths. That’s where Anisa’s Girl Scout Gold Award project came in. To complete her project, she created, for sixth-graders, math games inspired by everyday classroom activities. As part of the program, students played fraction games with pizza slices and building blocks, and explored the many applications of STEM during various daily tasks. Anisa has arranged for the program to continue after she leaves the school, including through packets that can be checked out of the library and applied to other grades. Way to take the lead on STEM education locally, Anisa!

Hannah, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Inspired by a scrapbook she’d made for her grandmother as her health declined, for her Girl Scout Gold Award project Hannah created memory scrapbooks for residents at a local nursing home. To help them reconnect with lost memories as well as help staff get to know more about their residents, the scrapbooks included photos from each resident’s life, as well as printouts of their favorite foods, hobbies, vacations, and jobs, as well as family information—and they’ve become precious heirlooms for grieving families once their loved ones have passed. To keep her Gold Award project going, Hannah provided the staff with pre-decorated scrapbook pages and supplies to create scrapbooks for new residents for years to come.

Learn more about Hannah’s scrapbooks.

Lauryn, Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast

For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Lauryn hit the green.With a passion for golf and a desire to help her community, she arranged for a fully accessible putting green to be installed at a local senior center. Lauryn’s new putting green allows residents to easily partake in a favorite hobby, and beyond that, golf-related activities have been shown to benefit patients exhibiting early signs of dementia. Lauryn even arranged for mother-daughter teams from a local league to regularly visit the center and assist the seniors with putting.

Learn more about Lauryn’s Golf FORE Gold.

Gold Award Girl Scouts are recipients of one of the most prestigious awards in the world for girls. By the time they put the final touches on their seven-step projects, they’ll have addressed a significant problem in their community—not only in the short term, but with a plan to sustain the work for years into the future. They’re also eligible for college scholarships and to enter the military one rank higher than non–Gold Award Girl Scouts.

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