Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Results for the Top Girl Scout Songs Are In!

girl scout songs

There’s more to being a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ than seeking new challenges and taking the lead. Making new friends, camping under the stars, and singing with your favorite girl gang are all part of what makes Girl Scouts so special. Creating lifetime memories through timeless traditions, like singalongs, is a bond that unites so many in the Girl Scout Movement. There’s nothing like reminiscing through song: where were you when you last heard it? (At camp.) What were you doing? (Celebrating a new achievement—like bridging or earning one of the highest awards.) Who were you with? (My troop, of course!) What time of day was it? (Sunset.) And do you remember any particular smells? (S’mores, yum.)

Relive this nostalgia or create new memories by singing along to the top Girl Scout hits, as told by Girl Scout members!

Who ever said “no new friends” clearly didn’t hear this Girl Scout classic.

There’s nothing like this little number to remind us to be adventurous and brave.

The G in this song doesn’t stand for G.I.R.L. but for an unspoken Girl Scout quality—generosity. Giving back is in a Girl Scouts’ DNA, after all!

This song reminds us to treasure memories by letting them linger just a little longer.

If you’re feeling like a pick me up, this one is for you. After all this is how our Girl Scout promise begins...

We should all have a pocket full of these! 

We love this short and sweet reminder. After all, being honest and fair is part of the Girl Scout Promise. 
Ready for some call and response? This sing along, written to honor the Canadian Armed Forces, rallies us to raise our rick-a-bamboos to the troops that serve and protect.

“Happy are we, because that is our song!”

Last but not least, we’re closing out our list like we end a day around the camp fire—tap here (pun intended) to sing along. 

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