Monday, January 29, 2018

Girl Scout Gold Award Weekly Updates

Check out this week’s sampling of go-getting, innovating, risk-taking Gold Award Girl Scouts—young women who know what it means to lead with true G.I.R.L. spirit!

Jane, Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland

Patriotism and Independence Day have always been important in Upper Arlington, a suburb in Franklin County, but up until now, the value was only relayed orally. Thanks to the hard work of Gold Award Girl Scout and avid storyteller Jane, it’s finally getting documented—through a documentary that Jane hopes to air before Upper Arlington’s next Independence Day celebration. When asked about her project, Jane said, “My goal is to portray how the Fourth of July is very representative of the community as a whole. There are so many diverse things that go into it and so many individual stories. Everyone … comes back for [the Independence Day celebration], and this one day [demonstrates] all that effort and all of those people.”

Learn more about Jane’s Independence Day celebration.

Khushali, Girl Scouts of Central California South

In India, where diarrhea is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five, one Gold Award Girl Scout is taking action for change. As a part of her Gold Award project, Khushali raised more than $14,000 to build 200 household toilets in Jhagadia, in the state of Gujarat. In keeping with cultural beliefs, the families that receive toilets are helping provide the labor for installation.

Learn more about Khushali’s project.

Olivia, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Wanting to tackle the values of friendship and learning to work with others, Olivia knew just how to put her passion for drawing to good use for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Olivia wrote and illustrated a children’s book, Lucy’s Big Idea, which follows a little girl who pursues a friendship with a girl who is hearing impaired. The book teaches children about friendship and kindness, as well as the importance of not being quick to judge others. Though she isn’t deaf and doesn’t have a hard time hearing, Olivia is learning sign language and sharing this gift with others at her local library. She hopes her project will brings smiles to more and more people’s faces and inspire others to be kind.

Learn more about the inspiration behind Lucy’s Big Idea.

Maggie, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts 

Maggie created First Communion Angels for her Girl Scout Gold Award project, addressing the fact that a lot of the attire—suits and dresses—that Catholic children need to receive their First Holy Communion, much of it used only once, can place a financial burden on families. Like a true Girl Scout, Maggie used her resources wisely—in this case to collect gently used dresses and suits, which she donated to a parish in an underserved community in her area. She also arranged for the program to continue for years into the future.

Learn more about First Communion Angels.

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