Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Girl Scouts' Macy's Parade Float : Behind the Badges

This Thanksgiving, the power of girls will be reflected as R&B platinum artist Andra Day and rap superstar Common take to the Girl Scout float in the 91st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® to perform their hit single “Stand Up for Something.”

Our float is unmistakably “Girl Scouts,” and that’s because girls helped design it, incorporating representations of our unique programming, including two dozen giant badges that emphasize STEM, entrepreneurship, the outdoors, civic engagement, and more. So when you spy Girl Scouts’ “moonlit” float rolling down the streets of Manhattan, keep in mind what goes into earning these iconic badges, described below.

And don’t forget to take the lead like a Girl Scout yourself! Support the G.I.R.L. Agenda, champion your views, influence leadership, and build a better world every step of the way—and be sure to share what you stand for on social media using #GIRLagenda!

Brownie: Hiker 
Girl Scouts love to sing hiking songs, pack fun and tasty snacks, and listen for sounds of animals and birds. This badge covers everything you need to know to become a Brownie hiker—get ready for adventure!

Brownie: Outdoor Adventurer
What happens when you invite a friend to climb the highest hill you can find, or buddy up to take a walk around your neighborhood at night? What do you see? What do you hear? There are so many amazing adventures waiting for you. So jump in and explore the great outdoors!

Brownie: Home Scientist
By paying careful attention during experiments, scientists learn new things—even if they've done the test before. This means you don't have to grow up to be a scientist; you're a scientist every time you do an experiment! By earning this badge, you’ll find out where science has been hiding in your own home.

Brownie: Celebrating Community
Communities often celebrate what makes them special. A Brownie group is a community! Other communities—your town, state, and country—have celebrations too, like ceremonies and parades. They might also celebrate by building statues or museums. As you earn this badge, you’ll learn what your communities do to celebrate all of the people in them.

Brownie: Money Manager (modified for float)
Money helps us buy things we need, like food and clothes. And money helps us buy things we want, like video games and movie tickets! Learn the difference between wants and needs through this badge.

Junior: Digital Photographer
These days, it seems like almost every gadget can take a digital photograph, from phones to laptops to, of course, digital cameras. But do you know how to get the most out of your digital device, and what it takes to capture a winning photo? You will if you earn this badge!

Junior: Camper
An overnight trip in the great outdoors brings you closer to nature—and to your Girl Scout sisters. Through earning this badge, you’ll plan a camping adventure! You might watch a sky full of stars, cook a meal on a stick, or share silly stories around the campfire. And you'll definitely learn some new outdoor skills as you take part in this favorite Girl Scout tradition.

Junior: Detective
Stories, movies, and television are full of amazing detectives solving mysteries and bringing criminals to justice. Their jobs are important, exciting, and take serious skills—skills you can hone as you work toward earning this badge. So grab your magnifying glass and dive into the science of detecting.

Junior: Cookie CEO
When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're already running your own business—and you can earn this badge for it! To make it happen, you’ll set a group goal, explore how a small business works, create a cookie sale job list, learn to make a good impression, and track your sales.

Junior: Inside Government 
Do you ever wonder exactly what government is and what it does? Active citizens should know the basics of government, so here’s your chance to go behind the scenes. Through this badge, you’ll explore laws that affect you every day, meet people who work in government, and be active in government yourself!

Cadette: Science of Happiness 
By earning this badge, you are the test subject, and your life is your laboratory. You'll find out how scientists measure happiness, and you'll put their results into action. You'll also get to perform a happiness experiment on your friends or family—all with the goal of making your world a happier place.

Cadette: Archery
Picture this: you nock (or place) an arrow onto a bow, hook your fingers around the string, draw it back, eye your target, and release! Bull’s-eye! Archery is an exciting sport that takes strength, focus, good form, and practice. Get ready to challenge yourself as you build your archery skills and learn how to shoot on a range.

Cadette: Girl Scout Way
As a Girl Scout Cadette, you’re carving out your unique place in the world, using your intuition and special talents to blaze a trail that’s all your own. The Girl Scout Way is another compass that can help guide you: our proud traditions offer a strong foundation to build your dreams as part of a worldwide sisterhood. So dive right in and get started singing, celebrating, and bringing people together as you join hands with thousands of other Cadettes to blaze the Girl Scout trail into the future.

Cadette: Think Big (modified for float)
Time to think big—“entrepreneur” big! Once you’ve earned this badge, you'll know how to take the business plan behind your cookie sale to a whole new level.

Cadette: Woodworker
Woodworking gives you a great feeling of accomplishment—you can make stylish, useful things for yourself and others. Plus, it's fun! Through earning this badge, add to your talents with a skill Girl Scouts have known since our organization’s founding—the ability to do it yourself.

Senior: Adventurer
What kind of adventure speaks to you? In earning this badge, you'll go on a multiday high-adventure challenge. You could go rock climbing, spelunking, ice caving, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, rafting—or a combination! Put your outdoor skills to the test—and gain some new ones—as you become a Girl Scout Senior Adventurer.

Senior: Traveler
Close your eyes and imagine the spoils of travel: different cultures, breathtaking vistas, exotic foods. You might picture zooming down a zip line in the Amazon, tasting a classic New York hot dog, or digging into local lore at the history museum next door. Whether you travel near or far for this badge, you'll get the travel savvy to make the most of your adventures now and throughout your life.

Senior: Science of Style
Imagine farming silkworms to make raw silk, engineering a biodegradable fabric, or using chemistry to develop a cover-up that hides and heals acne scars. Fashion and beauty are glamorous businesses, but it's the science behind these industries that makes their products cutting edge and desirable. For this badge, use the science of style to create—and imagine—your own products.

Senior: Car Care
Driving is an exciting step toward independence, a chance to have fun going new places—and a big responsibility. In earning this badge, you'll master maintenance tips that keep a car in top form and driving skills that will help you rule the road safely.

Senior: Buying Power (modified for float)
It might be tomorrow. It might be a year from now. Or it could be ten years away. But someday, you’ll want to make a big purchase that you'll end up paying for over time. It could be a cell phone with a monthly service plan, a new car that comes with loan payments, or even a new home, which includes a monthly mortgage payment. By earning this badge, you'll understand the long-term impact of making a big purchase, and how you need to be prepared to keep paying for it long after you've started to use it.

Ambassador: Good Credit (modified for float)
It's almost impossible to go through life without borrowing money. Whether it's something as basic as using a credit card or a more complex situation like a home mortgage or a small business loan, our economic system revolves around borrowing. And to borrow successfully, you need to have good credit. On completing this badge, you’ll know what it takes to keep good credit and borrow money smartly, including how to pay back what you owe in time—skills that will help you throughout life.

Ambassador: Public Policy
You want your voice heard. It’s so important that one of your Leadership Journeys is about just that—speaking up about, and acting on, issues that are crucial in your world. And if you want your voice heard by government, it helps to know about public policy: the laws and government actions surrounding particular issues. To influence public policy, it’s important to know how a citizen can work to effect change in her community, her country, and her world. This badge can help you learn.

Ambassador: Outdoor Art Master
Whether you’re new to Girl Scouts or have been in it forever, you’ve probably spent some time exploring the outdoors and making art. This is your chance to bring art and the outdoors together—to get inspired by the beauty in nature and use that inspiration to get creative. Roll up your sleeves and dive in!

Ambassador: Water
Water surrounds us, sometimes in such quantities that we forget how precious it is. Water is familiar and it is mysterious. It exists as a liquid, solid, and gas. It falls from the sky and lives deep within the earth. Water can nourish us and challenge us. By earning this badge, experience the bliss of a clear liquid solution known scientifically as H2O.

Ambassador: Coaching
What does it take to motivate a team to accomplish its goals? The best coaches put their answers into action at every practice. Through this badge, find your answers and share them! And remember, coaching is an opportunity to share your love of a sport, demonstrate your athletic skills, and inspire and empower other athletes to realize their potential.

Pretty awesome, right? Now, follow the example of so many amazing Girl Scouts: get out there and serve as a catalyst for change in your community—and the world.