Monday, July 24, 2017

Nine Tips to Prepare for Outdoor Fun, Like a Girl Scout!

Getting outdoors is enjoyable any time of year, but it’s especially beautiful during summer. Not sure what to do? Check out six fun ideas for exploring nature. Regardless of what’s on your agenda, outdoor adventure with your girl gang is always a win-win.

Check out these nine tips to make sure you’re prepared before heading outside.

    1. Dressing in style is a great way to express yourself, but dressing practically for the outdoors is a better bet. Ripped jean shorts might speak to your personal edge, but when you’re outdoors, opt for fitted leggings or pants to avoid bug bites, poison ivy, and sunburn. Airy long-sleeved shirts are also great to keep your arms protected and well-ventilated.
    2. When picking out clothes, pay attention to fabrics. Cotton is great for summer months, and wool is suitable for most outdoor activities in cooler weather. Getting ready to embark on a strenuous hike, climb a mountain, or take on another vigorous outdoor activity in the cold? Opt for polar fleece.

    3. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s hot all the time. If you’re going outside in the early morning or evening, make sure your skin isn’t too exposed to the elements so you can  keep warm during cooler periods. Want to show off your personal flair? Bring your favorite scarf, bandanna, or hat to cover up.
    4. Speaking of preparing for changing weather—dress in layers. Layering allows you to stay comfy when the weather gets warmer or cooler or activities get more intense. If the forecast predicts a windy day, bring an extra sweatshirt.
    5. Picking the right kind of footwear is crucial. The best shoes are sneakers, and if the weather is cool, wearing an extra pair of socks is a good idea. Going on a hike or planning to trek rugged terrain? Choose hiking boots with a good grip and ankle support. Whether you’re wearing sneakers or boots, opt for shoes that fit correctly, are comfortable, and are sturdy.
    6. Unfortunately, sometimes pests like mosquitos, insects, and ticks can get in the way of outdoor fun. Read up on our tick bite prevention tips before heading out.
    7. A Girl Scout is always prepared, rain or shine. Pack raingear, such as a poncho, raincoat, umbrella, head covering, or rain boots. Ponchos are especially convenient for a hike on a rainy day, but if you don’t have one, you can use a large plastic bag, like a garbage bag.
    8. Going camping in an area where the temperature drops at night? Pack some items you can place on top of your air mattress or below your sleeping bag to help keep you insulated, like newspapers, cardboard, a folded blanket, or a foam pad. And to ensure a warm night’s sleep, don’t forget to go to bed in dry clothes; wear a scarf, sweatshirt, or hat; and pack extra blankets if it’s an especially chilly night.
    9. Whenever you’re outside, take consistent water and snack breaks. And pack something you can sit on for those times you’re in the woods and want a place to rest without  getting your bottom cold or wet. You can use magazines, folded newspapers, dry leaves, or a piece of foam in a plastic bag for this makeshift seat—easy! Want to take your seat to the (literal) next level? Use an upside-down bucket with handles. You can even put tools you need inside the bucket while traveling!

With these tips in your daypack, nothing can stop you from having a blast outdoors. Let the fun begin!