Monday, May 8, 2017

Take Our Future Leaders to Work Day!

Empowering girls is no doubt the focus of all of our work at Girl Scouts—but it’s rare that we have the opportunity to interact with young future leaders in our offices. On April 27, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, we got to do just this. We opened our doors to 50 young family members, welcoming them to our day-to-day at GSUSA. The energy was through the roof (as was the noise!), and by the end, GSUSA staff felt inspired and recharged.

For our fresh-faced visitors, it wasn’t a matter of just sitting quietly at a desk and shadowing grownups. GSUSA’s planning committee for this event had created an entire day of programming to provide a snapshot of what it means to be a GSUSA employee.

A STEM activity let kids explore hands-on problem solving, a tour of our cultural resources provided them with insight into the history of Girl Scouts, and a Digital Cookie® session gave them a glimpse of how technology informs what we do at Girl Scouts.

In addition, the youngsters were welcomed at official meetings and brainstorming sessions throughout the day. Alexa, niece of one staff member, was thrilled to be invited to brainstorm unique experiences girls could be offered at October’s G.I.R.L. 2017. She was listened to intently, and her opinion swayed some of the decisions reached at the meeting—which was only logical, considering it was relevant to what other 12-year-olds might want, too! When asked how she felt afterward, Alexa said, “I was so excited to participate in the conversation. I felt like my voice was heard and everyone cared about what I had to say.”

At GSUSA, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day even sparked ideas about other careers for Girl Scout staff and their loved ones. Cassandra suggested her dad might make a great nail technician because he does such a good job painting her nails. And another girl shared that her cat just might make a terrific doctor.

When the day was over, we saw Emily's son, Dimitri, fast asleep at his mother’s desk, tuckered out after so much excitement. One employee’s daughter now says she wants to work for Girl Scouts when she grows up, and Nick, age three, recently asked when he can help his mom at work again.

Regardless of where the road takes these eager learners, we hope this special day at GSUSA helps them, in a way big or small, on their journeys.