Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to You—and to Every Mom in Your Life!

At Girl Scouts, we know firsthand that moms and all their awesome, life-changing love come in many different packages. Sometimes “mom” is actually, well, Mom. But many times motherly love comes from others—like aunts, grandmas, dads, and Girl Scout troop leaders—sometimes even from that friendly neighbor who always seems to find the best way to brighten our day.

It’s easy to see that motherhood is rooted not only in biology. Motherhood is active when we support another person’s dream, or pour our love into someone because we see it’s needed. And it’s always an amazing gift. That’s why we’re celebrating all of those who have shared motherly love with the children of this world—including our own Juliette Gordon Low, who founded Girl Scouts to prepare girls to face the world with courage, confidence, and character, making it a better place along the way. Daisy may not have borne children of her own—but she was definitely a mother, and a great one at that!

So today, let’s celebrate all of the mothers out there, no matter what form they come in. Let’s take a moment to pause and say “thank you” to that beautiful person (or people!) in our lives who mothers us. Who worries about us, supports us, nurtures us—who pushes us to be our very best. Let’s acknowledge every person in our lives who helps us find our confidence, who loves us for exactly who and what we are, and who we can always count on to be in our corner, no matter what.

We’d also like to send a very special shout-out to all the Girl Scout moms who give so much to our Girl Scout movement every day—from driving girls to meetings and helping with activities, to leading troops and opening girls’ eyes to life-changing new experiences. We appreciate you, and we know the girls do too!

Happy Mother’s Day!