Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why She Gives: Patricia Romines and USAGSO

As an American girl growing up outside the United States, I often struggled to navigate cultural differences to make friends. But today, I am grateful for the exposure I had to different cultures in a world that often feels increasingly divided. So I am inspired and heartened when I see girls of many backgrounds working together to bridge their differences and explore their common experiences.

This is why supporting Girl Scouts is so important to me today.

Pat Romines was a Brownie in Frankfurt, Germany.
My father was a U.S. diplomat, my mother a British citizen. Until I moved to the United States in high school, my membership in USA Girl Scouts Overseas (USAGSO) was the one thing that made me feel like a “real” American. My USAGSO sister scouts and I bonded over our common ground, as well as supported one another in our efforts to make friends who we didn’t have as much in common with.

Perhaps that’s why, when reading about the impressive projects completed by this year’s National Young Women of Distinction, I was particularly excited to see a recipient from USAGSO. I hope you feel the same sense of pride I do when you read the stories of these amazing young women leaders and their invaluable Take Action projects. It’s these diverse projects—and diverse leaders—who bring together communities and build a better world for all of us.

Although some girls are attracted by Girl Scout traditions and values, and others are enticed by the chance to take action to improve the world around them, they are all Girl Scouts. It’s this breadth that ultimately makes the Girl Scout Movement so successful; girls of different backgrounds have the chance to explore what’s important to them, cooperate to reach a common goal, and step up to create positive change .

I’m proud to support Girl Scouts, because I believe these experiences are essential to repairing and strengthening the social fabric of our country. Please join me, and make a personal investment in the next generation of leadership.

Join Patricia and invest in Girl Scouts today.

Patricia Romines served on the Girl Scouts of the USA Board of Directors from 2002-2014. Prior to her service on the national board, she was president and chair of a capital campaign at Girl Scouts Bluestem, now Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma. Patricia serves as a senior adviser to Knightsbridge Advisors, a venture capital fund of funds, and previously held executive positions at Philips Petroleum, where she managed human resources and organizational development. Now retired, she is married with two adult children and lives in the Pacific Northwest.