Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sometimes It IS Easy Being Green

From the hikes that Juliette Gordon Low took with the first Girl Scout troop, to the girls who worked on their Ranger patch in national parks last weekend, every Girl Scout spends time in the great outdoors. It’s in our DNA.

But enjoying the outdoors is only half the story. We also believe in respecting and protecting the planet. That’s why, of all the holidays we observe throughout the year, Earth Day is one of our favorites. Because everyone is thinking about the planet on this day, we get an extra opportunity to share our stories and lead by example. How do Girl Scouts shine when it comes to the environment?

  • Instead of recycling one soda can, we make sure that unexpected things—like holiday lights—are recycled. 
  • We educate and organize entire communities to help clean up parks

Girl Scouts are passionate about making Earth Day every day, so on this very special occasion, let’s share our stories, rally everyone we can, and work together to find ways to green up our homes, neighborhoods, and planet!