Thursday, March 9, 2017

Women’s History Month Celebration! Girl Scouts Bring Icons to Life

Women’s History Month is always an important time for Girl Scouts to reflect on the amazing women who’ve come before us—blazing trails, setting records, breaking barriers, and generally wowing the world. Sharing their stories with girls today is important not only in providing phenomenal role models, but also in showing girls the power that each of us has within us to create a better world.

This year, in true Girl Scout spirit, we decided that instead of simply talking with girls about these icons, we’d invite some Girl Scouts to actually be them for a day. By dressing up as some of the most influential and inspiring women, 11 girls were able to actually try historic heroism on for size.

Whether styled as Amelia Earhart, Mae Jemison, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Celia Cruz, Lucille Ball, Whoopi Goldberg, or Girl Scouts’ own founder, Juliette Gordon Low—these girls had pretty big shoes to fill, and were definitely up to the task.

Girl Scout Daisy Kennedy was impressed by all the math and science done by the real women depicted in the movie Hidden Figures (NASA mathemeticians Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson)—and excited to be part of a shoot where the film poster was recreated. “Without them, people might not be able to go to space,” she said. Adding, “Girls can be anything when they get older. I want to run my own company when I grow up!”

Girl Scout Brianna was proud to channel Juliette Gordon Low for the project. “Without Juliette, we wouldn’t have Girl Scouts at all!,” she said.

Savannah transforming into Celia Cruz

Jayna Cobbs, whose daughter was chosen to represent Condoleezza Rice, reflected on her own Girl Scout experience. “Girl Scouting showed me I could do whatever it was that I put my mind to,” she said. “And I want my girls to know that they can do anything if they try. Women’s History Month is a great time to teach them that by talking to them about the women who were the first to do things. When they learn about these women and what they went through, they realize that they could do it, too.”

Ready for some real magic? Check out these before and after shots:

Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of Girl Scouts

Brianna as Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of Girl Scouts

Whoopi Goldberg, Entrepreneur and Entertainer
London as Whoppi Goldberg, Entrepreneur and Entertainer

Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State
Imani as Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State
Jaymie as Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State

Madam C.J. Walker, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Kennedy as Madame C.J. Walker, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Did we mention that some of these famous and influential women share something special with the girls who portrayed them? That’s right, many of them are Girl Scout alumnae.

Like the Girl Scouts who came before them and grew up to do groundbreaking things, these girls have  big dreams and are using their leadership skills to make the world a better place.