Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meet the 2017 Cookie Bosses!

This year, we asked you to take to Instagram to share how you’re the ultimate cookie boss. After weeks of incredible stories featuring your goal-crushing, confidence-boosting, and go-getting skills, we have our final five winners of the #gsCookieBoss Challenge!

Winners will receive a camera bundle, so they can capture their future Girl Scout adventures, and an exclusive “cookie boss” necklace from Stella & Dot.

Let’s meet the winners!

This is Emily from Brownie Troop 19044 out of Bremen, GA. She loves being a Girl Scout and absolutely enjoys selling Girl Scout cookies and meeting new people!! Here's what she said about becoming her own Cookie Boss: For the last 4 years that she's sold cookies, she says she has definitely gained more confidence in talking to people, by being more outgoing, speaking more louder so they can hear what she is saying (she used to talk in almost a whisper) and definitely knowing everything about each of the different cookies. The biggest challenges she said were when customers said "no" or ignored her, but she said even though they would do that, she would still smile at them and thank them knowing that things like that are going to happen and that it is not something she did. She also said because she loves to sell cookies, she tries for a higher goal each year and as she reaches one, she will aim for the next. And at cookie booths, she likes to get out there and put on a happy face and help encourage people to buy from her or donate to the military because she knows that talking to people, selling cookies, handling money and being a go getter, all will help her more and more in her responsibilities and actions in life 🍪❤. #gscookieboss
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the #gsCookieBoss Challenge. Follow us on Instagram for exciting posts and future challenges!