Monday, March 6, 2017

From Doorbells to Emails: How Digital Cookie Made a Sweet Addition for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for a century—that’s 100 years of delicious cookies, 100 years of empowering incredible experiences for girls, and 100 years of girls learning essential life skills. Pretty impressive, right? You bet your last Thin Mint it is!

We’re always finding new ways to make the Girl Scout Cookie Program better. So it’s not surprising that we approached our friends at Dell and Visa to help us bring Girl Scout Cookies to the digital space and to more girls with the Digital Cookie™ platform!

Why Dell? 
Prior to the Digital Cookie platform, Girl Scouts and Dell were already teaming up to engage underserved girls across the United States by introducing them to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies and careers through the Be the Video Game Developer program. When the idea of online cookie sales came about, there was no question that Dell was a perfect collaborator. Dell’s commitment to bridging the digital divide in education and fueling social entrepreneurship aligns perfectly with our goal to bring the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program into the 21st century!

Why Visa? 
Like Girl Scouts, Visa focuses on a digital approach that uses innovative products to make buying and selling in the online world fast and easy. With Visa Checkout, Girl Scout Cookie customers have an easy and secure way to buy their favorite cookies while still supporting girls and Girl Scout councils.

Our collaboration with Visa provides hundreds of thousands of girls with access to the Digital Cookie platform and the opportunity to take their cookie businesses to the next level by using training resources and mentorship programs—setting more girls up for future success in the digital world.

Three Cookie Seasons Later…

Our girls are still learning the five essential skills that the cookie program is known for, but have also learned about digital marketing, e-marketing, and other awesome STEM skills to add to their cookie boss résumés! Not to mention that customers have even more ways to support their local Girl Scouts and order their favorite cookies with the click of a button.

“I have family in different states, and now I don’t have to drive to give them cookies.” —Baily, Girl Scout Daisy

“You can have people buy cookies from you while you’re at school, while you’re sleeping, while you’re somewhere else, and you don’t have to be on-site.” —Maureen, Girl Scout Junior

Plus, thanks to the Digital Cookie platform, girls are earning more money for their many troop activities—they’re camping; participating in new, exciting adventures; and powering their Take Action projects to benefit their communities. In fact, girls who paired their regular cookie sale with the Digital Cookie platform sold on average 76 percent more cookies than girls who opted out of online sales. How cool is that?!

And it gets even better—girls who personalized their Digital Cookie sites by sharing their goals or uploading fun photos and videos sold more than double the number of cookies than prior years. You go, cookie bosses!

And they couldn’t have done it without our amazing team—thank you, Dell and Visa, for making this Digital Cookie dream an exciting reality and for helping Girl Scouts discover new, innovative ways to rock their cookie sales each season.

Superpower your sale with the Digital Cookie platform! from GirlScoutsUSA on Vimeo.

Curious if your council participates in the Digital Cookie platform? Visit our Digital Cookie page to learn more.