Monday, November 21, 2016

Over 390 Girl Scouts Have Already Entered for a Chance to win a $500 Scholarship. Don’t Miss Out!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been beyond inspired by so many amazing stories of girls taking the lead to build a better world. If you haven’t submitted your story yet, we’d love to hear it! You could even win a $500 scholarship sponsored by MetLife Foundation—nice! Remember, the 2016 Girl Scout Challenge ends 12/27/16.

The more stories we collect, the more we can show the world how Girl Scouts are creating positive change across the map every single day. And the more impact we can show, the more we can rally new friends to get behind our cause—a cause that stands to make the world a better place for you, for us, and for everyone! That’s BIG.

Here are a few more stories to inspire you to share yours and join us on our mission to build a better world!

Sarah from Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson is building a better world through her local park. What's unique about this park is that it also holds Community Sustainable Agriculture garden with raised gardening beds and environmental activities for residents to enjoy. Sarah saw a need for an updated shaded space for the garden, so she took down an old pergola and worked with her community to build a brand new one. Sarah has pledged 93 hours to her project and has already completed 83 hours.

Megan and her troop from Girl Scouts of Connecticut worked together to create "Sibling Sacks." These sacks are for the brothers and sisters of patients being treated at their local children's hospital. They were filled with stuffed animals, coloring books, and stress balls to help in times of sadness. The troop has completed 60 of their 85 pledged hours.

Quynh-Anh from Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas founded "STEM for All Students," a program that encourages students from low-income families to explore science and math. Quynh-Anh collaborated with various STEM organizations to set up interactive booths, as well as invite local engineers, horticulturists, and science teachers to share their experiences with the students. Her project was so successful, she was asked to share her lesson plan with the school district. She has completed 120 of her pledged 500 hours. 

Ready to tell us how you take the lead to build a better world?