Friday, August 5, 2016

These Athletes Have Trained for Years....

They have grit. Determination. Courage. The will to succeed and pull off amazing feats of strength when they think they just can’t push past that last hurdle. We could be talking about the Olympics and the world’s elite athletes competing for Gold Medals in Rio, but, no. We’re talking about Girl Scouts.

So as the world watches gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, swimming and the summer sports that captivate us all over the next few weeks, be sure to check out the Girl Scout Games video series, where Girl Scouts at camp compete for their own top prize.

OK, so maybe they haven’t actually trained for years and they may not be quite ready for international competition yet, but they’re definitely breaking world records in FUN!

It may not be a barbell, but teamwork makes these girls weightlifting champs!

Girl Scout Games: Weightlifting

There might not be a gainer with a twist, but these high dive moves get style points for bounce!

Girl Scout Games: Diving

This long jump not only catches major air, but after reviewing this slow-mo replay, the judges have awarded top marks for most creative use of the camp mattress pile!

Girl Scout Games: Long Jump

Check out the full playlist below for more record busting, inspiring athletic performances.