Friday, April 8, 2016

White House Science Fair 2016: Meet the Next Generation of America's Innovators

Girl Scouts is super excited to participate in the sixth and final White House Science Fair hosted by President Obama. This Wednesday the White House will transform for the day into a hands-on showcase of student innovation: robots, prototypes, tools to help us fight climate change and cancer – all researched, built, and designed by the next generation of America's scientists.

President Obama will welcome more than 100 top science, technology, engineering and math students from across the country to show us how they are going to change the future of America. Whether it’s discovering how a car’s engine runs, learning how to manage finances, or exploring careers in STEM fields - Girl Scouts are fast-forwarding into their STEM futures.

This year, Sindhu Bala, 12, Ellie Englund, 12, Sydney Gralike, 13, Julianna Jones, 13, Reagan Mattison,12, and Christina Yepez, 13, of Girl Scout Troop #1484 will participate in the fair. This troop from St. Louis, Missouri wanted to help a local retirement community be more environmentally friendly. They learned that 20,000 Styrofoam cups—cups which take 500 years to decompose in a landfill—were being used and disposed of every month. The team developed “Eco Bin,” a metal bin containing a non-toxic substance (d-limonene) that dissolves Styrofoam when mixed with water, enabling households and businesses to reduce their waste.

In a surprise twist, these innovators discovered that the gooey substance created by the mixture is a strong adhesive. The girls bottled and branded the substance, naming it “GlOo” and are marketing it to their local school and other Girl Scout troops for art projects. These creations have earned the girls state accolades and the chance to compete for the Global Innovation Award at FIRST Lego League Nationals. The girls are also pursuing patents for “Eco Bin” and “GlOo."

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