Monday, March 7, 2016

Stand with Girls This International Women’s Day

This March as we mark Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women who have shaped the world we live in today. It’s also an opportunity to make sure every girl gets the chance to achieve her dreams.

So tomorrow, on International Women’s Day, show you stand for her right to an education, her right to equal treatment, and her ability to lead us all into a brighter future.

Apply our profile pic frame to your Facebook profile picture, post it to your timeline, and tell the world “She’s Our Future! I Stand with Girls.”

Opportunities for girls have certainly expanded over the past century—but there’s a lot of room for improvement. And keep in mind that the better we do for girls, the better they do for the world.

Don’t just take our word for it. Many studies have shown that investing in girls does more than open doors for them; it creates a path out of poverty for families, a more inclusive and effective government, and a brighter economic future for all of us.

Consider this:
Companies owned by women typically have a return on investment 34 percent higher than that of male-owned companies.
In the past 15 years, women-owned businesses have grown at a rate 1.5 times faster than other small business ventures.
Female entrepreneurs are likely to create 5.5 million new jobs by 2018.

Given this information, there’s no doubt the girls of today will be the civic and entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. With our future sitting squarely in girls’ hands, raising them to be confident, engaged, and courageous women isn’t simply a nice idea, it’s a necessity.

At Girl Scouts, we have a century-long track record of helping girls grow up to lead. If you ask any woman in the halls of Congress, at the helm of a top corporation, or on a space mission, chances are she’s a former Girl Scout.

When you add up all of the Girl Scouts who’ve run small businesses, led in their communities, and/or shown the next generation the path to success—women who have achieved big things across all facets of society around the world—we are more than 60 million women strong.

And Girl Scouts clearly plays a role in creating strong female leadership, considering women who were Girl Scouts in their youth are more likely to graduate from college and earn more money over their lifetimes than women who were never Girl Scouts.

Don’t forget to show your support this International Women’s Day by applying our filter to your Facebook profile photo . You’ll be letting everyone know, “She’s Our Future! I Stand with Girls.”

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