Monday, February 29, 2016

Girl Scout Cookies for everyone—at the Oscars, of course!

Last night was truly one for the books—the Girl Scout Cookie books! During the Oscars, host Chris Rock quickly showed us that hosting one of America’s most viewed award shows was only his second priority. His first? Helping a Girl Scout troop  meet their Girl Scout Cookie goal (naturally!), making this year’s Oscars the sweetest one ever!

And who can really say “no” to a fierce group of Girl Scouts and their purpose-filled, change-the-world-one-box-at-a-time, dream-about-’em-all-year-long treats? Not the audience at the Oscars, that’s for sure! These brave, incredible cookie bosses took to the huge crowd and handed out a dose of courage, confidence, and character to every eager, over-the-moon cookie fan with some cash in their hands and a good deed in their hearts. It was truly a sight to behold.

As for Chris Rock? He scored some MAJOR dad points this year, doing his part to make sure this  troop met their cookie goal—in the biggest way possible.  And the girls’ hustle was real! After capturing the crowd with their inspiring energy, keen leadership, and bright, entrepreneurial spirits, not at all fazed by the bright lights and big stars, the troop raised over $65,000 in Girl Scout Cookie money—WOW!

This incredible effort will allow the troop to provide school supplies for thousands of foster kids in their community, and bring them one step closer to meeting their goals. (yes, yes, yes!), The girls also plan to expand their horizons by exploring new things through eye-opening painting classes, life-changing educational trips, and more. Oh what cookie money can do!

The experience proved unforgettable for this Girl Scout troop who showed us the true power of the Girl Scout Cookie Program—and for all of us who were watching at the edge of our seats.

Troop member Mya shared, “The opportunity to be at the Oscars, and getting to experience it all, is what I will remember most. I felt very proud to be chosen to represent millions of Girl Scouts.” We are proud to have you represent us too, Mya!

Other troop members shared their excitement alongside Mya. Aniyah said, “I liked seeing how everything unfolded behind the scenes. The experience was more than selling cookies. We learned a lot about show business, too.” This is what Girl Scouts is all about folks—exposing girls to fun, new experiences that open their eyes to endless possibilities—amazing!

We think Kamille really brought it home when she said, “The most exciting thing was having the opportunity to take selling Girl Scout Cookies to another level!” And that’s exactly what they did. We just couldn’t be more proud.

By selling cookies, girls learn five essential life skills that help them be successful now and in the future: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics, and these girls really showed us what that can look like on that stage.

Thank you Chris Rock, the Oscars, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles  and all of the amazing cookie fans who continue to support girls’ learning through this iconic program that we love and cherish so much. Don’t miss out. Be part of the impact. Find your cookies now!

So, who were among the lucky recipients of these sweets treats? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Actress Olivia Munn and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, caught enjoying Girl Scout Cookies:
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Yes, it’s true, even Batman loves Thin Mints!

Not even Morgan Freeman can resist the allure of Girl Scout Cookies!

Just “ordinary people” like John Legend helping young girls with financial literacy!

Was Kate Winslet explaining the greatness of Girl Scout Cookies?

An Oscar AND Girl Scout Cookies? Leonardo DiCaprio is a winner!