Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Five Ways to Make the World a Better Place This Leap Day

Aren’t we always saying how we wish we had more time? Well this year we do—24 beautiful hours of it! This Leap Day (remember, this opportunity only comes around once every four years), let’s use the extra time to do what Girl Scouts love to do most—change the world! Now we know an extra day isn’t a whole lot of extra time, but trust us, that’s plenty of time to make a difference if you just get a little creative—another Girl Scout fave.

Here are five ways to make the world a better place this Leap Day!

1. Plan your service year. On Leap Day and every day, one of the best ways to impact the world around you is to give your time, ideas, and energy to different causes in your community. This Leap Day, get that change-the-world thinking cap on, and draft a service plan to help you stay active in your community all year long. Figure out how often you can serve, what kinds of causes you’d like to lend a hand to, who you think might be interested in joining you, what organizations you could contact, and who you might need to ask for help to accomplish your service goals. Then, once you’ve got it all figured out, put your plan into action, and get geared up for a great year of impact!

2. Donate your day. Offer to help a friend with a project, volunteer at a local community center, animal shelter, or charity family event, do some extra chores, or perform an impromptu neighborhood trash clean-up—there’s so much to choose from! Whatever you pick, donating your day to help others is a great way to spend your extra time. And if you can’t donate the whole day, that’s OK! An afternoon, an evening, an hour or two—it all counts.

3. Have a lunch pack party. Feed some mouths and a few souls this Leap Day with a lunch pack party. Get a bunch of friends together and ask everyone to bring what they can; you’ll need medium Ziploc® bags, bread, cold-cuts, sliced cheese, condiments, fruit, and bottled water. Then get to packing! If you have just four friends over and each of you makes ten lunch packs, that’s 50 people you can go out and feed in one day—how awesome is that? And if you can’t make it out during lunch, that’s OK. Head out at dinner time and pass them out then. For a little extra nourishment, make sure to include a short, hope-filled note in each lunch pack!

4. Make an overdue phone call. Is there someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to for a while, but just haven’t found the time to? Pick up the phone, and make that call! You’ve got a whole extra day! We’re sure whomever you’ve been meaning to reconnect with will be SO happy to hear from you.

5. Let one person skip you in every line you stand in for one day. This is such a small, easy thing we can all do that can really make such a difference—for a mom rushing to get home to her kids, for an elderly person who has trouble standing for long periods of time, or simply for someone who just had a really bad day. So what do you say? Let ‘em cut!

See? Service really does comes in many different packages. There’s so much we can do every day to help change the world and stay connected to our communities.

Can you think of other fun, small ways to go out and put this Leap Day to good, good use?
Awesome! On February 29 (and throughout the year!) leap into leadership, grab your family and friends, and head out to change the world, one small, powerful act at a time. Just know—Girl Scouts is cheering you on every step of the way!