Monday, July 11, 2016

3 Fun Coding Projects to Bridge the Summer Learning Gap

Coding is such an incredible adventure that it can up the (learning) fun on even on the hottest summer days. Help her forget the heat or rain outside by lighting up her world and her imagination with these awesome coding projects that let her tell her story through technology.

These fun activities are sure to lift her spirits, empower her to think big, and teach her so much.

1.Let's dance! She can mix dance and code to create some dazzling visuals. This activity is sure to put her brain in motion, and add a little sparkle to any day. Let's do it.

2.Let's animate! She can create her own animated GIFs to share with friends and family. Soooo much fun. Let's do it. 

3.Let's design! Does she love fashion? She can use code to create her very own LED dress—it's out-of-this-world cool. Let's do it. 

With code, she can do all of this and so much more. Plus, she can be inspired to pursue a passion and turn it into an amazing and fulfilling career. Code can help make a lot of great things happen; it can even make the world a better place—for her and for all of us!

Love these projects? There are tons more you can check out and share with your girl on the Made with Code projects page.