Friday, December 11, 2015

3 Ways to Rock Winter Break with Code

Is your girl off from school on winter/holiday break and looking for something fun to do with her time? You know at Girl Scouts, we’re all about having fun with purpose. 

That’s why this winter break we encourage every girl to dive into some awesome Made with Code projects that will keep her mind engaged, her imagination soaring, and her fun meter rising off the charts. It might even inspire her to discover her passion—amazing!

1. Host a coding slumber party! Winter break is the perfect time to throw a party—it’s a coding affair! She can invite her best girlfriends over, break out the snacks and the computer, and get to creating all kinds of cool stuff together with her pals. The Made with Code party kit has everything she needs to make it a great night full of fun, learning, and building, featuring four cool coding themes: 1) The Art of Code, 2) <Bold> Beats, 3) Code Couture, and 4) Digital Disco. Use one, two—or all four!

2. Make her very own avatar! That’s right, with code, she can use her imagination to create a cool avatar of herself. She can even make one for each of her family members! Once she gets started, she won’t want to stop—it’s just that fun. This awesome tool will teach her everything she needs to know. 

3. Create her own music! If she’s super into music, she’ll looove creating her very own beats with code using this easy-to-follow guide. She’s gonna be a STAR!

And that’s just the beginning. There are so many incredible things she can learn to create with code no matter what her interests are. Together, Girl Scouts and Google aim to show girls how coding can help them pursue and reach their dreams, and even change the world. Specifically, Made with Code seeks to change the way girls think about coding and inspire them to consider careers in computer science—so empowering! Check out more resources and projects to keep the party going.