Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On the Road with Anna: Des Moines

Welcome to “On the Road with Anna,” in which we continue following Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez as she travels the country meeting the girls, volunteers, and council teams that help make Girl Scouts such a powerful force for change.

When I landed in Des Moines last week, I got some sage words of advice from a group of Girl Scouts who greeted me at the airport.

A young Brownie told me: “There are no small roles, just small people.”

The next morning, as I waited to deliver a keynote address to the “Iowa Women Lead Change” conference, I thought about those girls at the airport and how important it is that we give more girls the chance to find their voice and step into roles that will enable them to grow, excel, and dream big.

I asked the audience to make an investment that is sure to help guide us to a bright future—an investment in girls.

This is not just a women’s issue—it’s an economic imperative for this country. Our progress as a nation goes hand in hand with girls’ success.

Many in the audience asked, “Anna, what can I do?”

First, be a mentor. Share your experience, your time, and your talent with the girls who need it most. After all, the right five-minute conversation about school or career plans has the potential to change a girl’s life.

Second, expand the conversation to include men and boys. Don’t just talk to your daughters, your sisters, your nieces, and your female friends and colleagues. Talk to your sons, your husbands, and the men in your circle as well.

Whether it’s volunteering with Girl Scouts, working with an organization that supports girls, or simply taking the time to lift up a girl around you and help her see how much potential she holds, join us as we let the world know: “Girls matter.”

See you next time!