Monday, August 3, 2015

Watch What Happens When These Girl Scouts Meet Rachel Platten

Recently, four Girl Scouts from New Jersey got a very special treat—they spent the afternoon with singer Rachel Platten and heard about what inspired her to write her hit “Fight Song.”

“She had a lot of advice about how to make your dreams come true and why you can’t give up,” said Bonnie, a Girl Scout Ambassador.

“She really got to achieve her dreams when she wrote that song,” said Samantha, a Girl Scout Cadette. “At Girl Scouts we learn that every day. If you’re confident and you don’t give up, you can achieve your dreams, too.”

The girls even got to sing along with Rachel as she played “Fight Song” on the piano! How cool is that? You see? Every girl has a fight song. Bring out your girls inner rock star. Join today!