Monday, August 24, 2015

Super Daisies Join Forces with Melissa Benoist on the Set of CBS’s Supergirl

A troop of six-year-old Girl Scouts who call themselves “The Supergirls” recently visited the set of CBS’s Supergirl to meet Melissa Benoist, who plays heroin Kara Zor-El on the show—and it was EPIC.

The Supergirls are from Oklahoma, where they have been busy changing the world, much like Benoist’s character does on the show. These small but mighty heroes are the same girls who invented a battery-powered page-turner made from LEGO bricks for people suffering from arthritis, paralysis, and/or loss of limbs, and presented it back in March at the White House Science Fair. Incredible!

The girls and the actress had a great time on set, and Benoist has the over-the-top-adorable pictures to prove it. Learn more about their awesome visit on

Just another example of the ah-mazing experiences Girl Scouts have. Troops are forming now, claim your girl’s spot today!